Win a VIP Weekend For Two In Paris

This cheeky little competition is only open to UK residents so sorry for all those who are reading this from the US of A and any other places my blog may have surprisingly reached!

Vente Privee, an Ecommerce company has very kindly given you, my readers the opportunity to win a VIP weekend in Paris for two. That means you can take your lover, mother, friend, neighbour or hey even me, to possibly the most romantic city on the globe.

As part of the package, you get a one night stay in a four star hotel (lovely jubbly). You’ll be treated to one gourmet dinner for the two of you and you’ll also get £250 to spend on Vente Privee, meaning you can travel around the streets of Paris in true Parisian style.

Now I’ve never actually been to Paris myself (unless you count Disneyland Paris) so I’m actually going to enter myself into this competition too. If I win, I’m totally going to rub your faces in Pinterest worthy imagery and pictures of me, stuffing my face with gourmet food, in a nice restaurant.* 

*To be honest though, that’s highly unlikely as I have no luck when it comes to competitions…

If you’d like to enter just click here to take part in a fun quiz and that all important entry that could win you a magical weekend away. The competition I believe closes on 31st December, so get your entries in before Christmas. It could turn into a New Year’s treat for 2017!

Good luck and let me know when you’ve entered in the comments below.

P.S. I’m not actually entering this competition for fear of winning and then looking like a total tool.

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