Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Shorter hair definitely has some great perks. Firstly I’m still using the same shampoo and conditioner bottles since I got my hair cut…that’s like over a month and a half ago (either that or I’m being super stingy to my hair). I also find it less of a hassle to brush and it feels a lot more lighter and bouncier. However, I found that when I had longer hair, I could do more with it and it didn’t get as greasy quite as quickly as it does now. Who’d have thought that Irresistible Me would get in touch a mere few weeks later after chopping my hair?! I feel like this was fate and the hair gods are telling me it’s time to get my hair…on.

Packaging of hair extensions

Irresistible Me is an online company that ship internationally but express their currency only in US dollars. The package was delivered very quickly and arrived with no damage to the box or the inside whatsoever. Now as a hair extension newbie I did not have a clue on what length, weight or colour I should go for. Irresistible Me has a handy video guide here, which is definitely worth the watch if you are new to the hair game like me. I was recommended 18″ with a 200g weight. I was pleasantly surprised that the hair extensions matched my hair perfectly apart from a few strands of hair at the front which I could just dye or wait to grow out. The only problem I found was actually styling my hair to match the extensions because I had layers put into my hair when I got the hair cut.

This would definitely be resolved once my hair has grown out the layers.

Holding up hair extensions

I went into this kind of blindly so aside from watching a few YouTube tutorials of how to put in extensions, I just blagged it. After my first failed attempt, this was my second. I sectioned my hair and attached a two clip extension to this, brushing it through afterwards. I then repeated this but increased to three clip and then finally a four clip which is reinforced to create more volume and thickness. There were some single clip extensions for the side and then another two, two clip extensions for either side. The clips are easy to slide into the hair but I think next time I will tease my hair for more grip.

Back of hair

The extensions are made from 100% Remy hair (human hair) so this gives the hair a more natural look than synthetic hair extensions. The total cost of these extensions were $134 which works out at just over £100. I would say that’s a pretty good bargain considering these extensions usually last 6-9 months and I even watched a few videos where customers had had their hair extensions for over a year! So if you are a regular user of hair extensions, then seriously consider this as a worthy investment.

Hair extensions on head

Tying my hair up gave the perfect illusion that the hair was all mine and it just looked so good! As you can tell from above, the layers definitely show through this illusion and it’s a shame but my hair grows quickly so I’ll definitely be making use of these extensions soon. Just like you do with human hair, you can use heat on them so I decided to curl them whilst they were clipped in. The curls are just as bouncy and natural as the hair on my head and the layers weren’t as noticeable as they were when straight.

Curly hair extensions on head

Make sure you check out their website here and let me know if you try them out for yourself! They offer a range of hair extensions, clip in ponytails, full lace wigs and hair tools/accessories

Have you used hair extensions before? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer – I was gifted these hair extensions in return for my own honest opinion.

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