Makeup Memory Lane

FromRoses is a blogger I’ve been finding inspiration from lately as some of her blog posts have made me want to do a version of it myself. So shoutout to Rebecca for just being totes creative and inspiring! A blog that I recently read titled A Trip Down Makeup Memory Lane had me thinking about my own messy makeup journey and I thought I’d share it with you now, be gentle with me as I really am still learning…

Growing Up

Baby photo

Fortunately (or unfortunately) my mother is very much a ‘show off my kids‘ type of mum so even now, my beauty mishaps are currently on display for all Facebook friends old and new to see (sigh). However it makes this blog writing process much easier to find the relevant photographs. Growing up a as a child, I remember feeling a bit tom boyish in my attitude and makeup was really not something that was even thought about until I got older.

Being A Young ‘un

Teenage photosOh what delightful pictures that I’m going to instantly regret sharing once this blog goes live. As a kid aged around 11-12, I was never really interested in wearing make-up but I was definitely a fan of highlighting my hair. Why I thought bright blonde or red highlights was a good thing for me, I’ll never know. Also my eyebrows were never tamed back then as I hadn’t yet discovered tweezers, so I had a monobrow going on for the best part of my childhood.

I would also consider myself quite the poser, going for the up close shots of my face with that sultry yet pre-teen look of ‘yeah…look at me with my bench jacket and red highlights‘ Let’s move swiftly on before I cringe anymore at these photos…

The Teenage Phase(s)

High School Photos

Oh the bashful teenage phase. Still trying to find out who I was and the crowd that I wanted to hang around with. I think it was around this time that I experimented a little with make-up but it would merely have been a foundation like Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse and a Collection’s mascara no doubt. As you can see my eyebrows had been plucked by this point and thanks go to my cousins Becky and Steph for doing it! This was also the point where I let my hair grow long!

College Life

College photo

Me and false eyelashes. I have to admit we’ve never seen eye to eye (pun totally intended) and I’ve always seemed to pick out the worst ones, aka THE ONES THAT NEVER STICK TO MY EYELASHES! I don’t really know why I ever brought full set lashes as my eyelashes were already thick and big enough. I mean the mind boggles, it really does. I suppose in college I also got a bit heavy handed with the bronzer and started wearing more mascara and eye makeup. At this point I never really wore any types of lipstick or lipgloss because I hated the way it felt on my lips.

Drunkenly stumbling through University

University photos

Hello University! This was the point in my life where I initially gave up on whatever little make-up routine I had after the first week of starting lectures. I also put on a crap ton of weight and my slim frame definitely couldn’t handle it as I know bare the unfortunate thigh stretch marks. I also slacked on my eyebrow game but made sure to keep the monobrow at bay. This was also the point that I just couldn’t get my foundation right. I went from going too pale to too dark. Dear god, give me strength…

Look mum & dad, I’m an adult now!

Two photos of current beauty look

After university, I shed some of the university weight and started up my YouTube Channel, slightly later came my blog and the rest of my make-up disasters are as they say, history! I’m embracing my skincare routine a lot more now as I get older, keep my brows tamed 24/7 and I’m starting to experiment more with make-up (and I feel as though I’ve improved). I’d also like to say I’m a dab hand at contouring but I don’t want to get ahead of myself so I’ll just say I’m getting there!

Natalie with short hair and makeup

What sort of make-up memories do you have? Let me know in the comments below! Share with me all of the cringe!

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