Five Outfits To Wear During Winter

God that cold bout of weather we suddenly got the other week really got me bad. Coming into the house and still being able to see your breath is pretty depressing. A.) because no one likes the cold and B.) because we’re too money savvy to put on the heating…


But what is the solution I hear you ask? Well after seeing FromRoses post on this, I thought I’d do my own too. So here goes nothing, here’s Five Outfits To Wear During Winter!


Go Shabby Chic

Selection of clothes



Pink Pleated Maxi Skirt (£15.00) | Grey Comfort Suedette Ankle Boots (£29.99) | Button Down Belted Long Coat (£76.86) | Raysa Silver Oversized Knitted Jumper (£35.00) | Black Opp Plain Knitted Blanket Scarf (£15.00)


This soft colour combination and mix of autumn/winter pieces will keep you feeling cosy whilst out and about. The pleated pink skirt and oversized grey jumper give it it’s shabby but chic look and I just love the look of that belted long coat with flecks of pink and purple.


Embrace the boho

Selection of clothes


White Shirt with Flared Sleeves (£31.01) | Beige 70s Floppy Hat (£38) | Basic Khaki Jersey Flared Trousers (£12.00) | Faux Shearling Coat (£23.45) | Brown Suede Block Court Shoe (£55.00)


I love these boho trends currently in AW16 fashion. The flared sleeves and trousers combo, paired with a floppy hat and sleeveless shearling coat will instantly create those hippy vibes. The shearling coat also adds a bit more warmth to the outfit. I feel like Suede is very 70s so some shoes in this material are required!


Layer yourself like an onion

selection of clothes


ASOS Cigarette Trousers with belt (£25.00) |  Crew Neck Mohair Jumper (£55.00) | Tall Grey Longline Coat (£34.99) | White Strip Long Sleeved Shirt (£15.00) | Keely High Heels in Faux Pink Suede (£29.99


And who said onions couldn’t be glamourous? What I’ve learnt from fashion bloggers is that your wardrobe should be quality over quantity. As long as you buy a few staple pieces, you can change up a piece of clothing by using it in a multitude of ways. Layering is by far one of my favourite trends because I hate the cold and I love being cosy. Wearing a simple shirt under a chunky jumper gives it a professional/there’s no way I’m suffering for fashion in this weather vibe. Team it off with some cropped trousers and a workable heel! LOVE IT!


Go Glam

Selection of clothes



Cable Knit Knee-High Socks (£4.50) | Sugar Pop Knee High Boots (£39.00) | Phase Eight Pia Pleat Velvet Dress (£89.00) | Sequin Ombre Jacket (£70.00) | North Cable Scarf (£29.99)


Sequins and velvet are both in at the moment so why not glam up your wardrobe with a few of these staple numbers. A plain velvet dress can be teamed with knee high socks and boots. This sequin jacket from Topshop is just the ombre dream! I think this is perfect for work wear, when you have something scheduled for the evening and can’t go home to change.


Channel your inner Frenchie

Selection of clothes


Faux Fur Pom Wool Beret (£14.00) | Military Wool Coat (£99.00) | Vera Moda Nynne Lace Day Dress (£15.00) | Helen Moore Tippet Faux-Fur Scarf (£35.00) | Vendôme Black Leather Pumps (£175.00)


Looking through the styles of Paris Fashion Week 2016, I noticed Balmain had a heavy influence with it’s military, bold styles and there was quite a bit of lace in their too. I added in a beret which is typically French and completed this look with some beautiful court heels by House of Spring. I met the owner of the brand this year at a wedding event and she incorporates the classic Parisian style with the modern London.


What do you think of these looks? Which do you like best? Let me know in the comments.







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