Turning 24 – What’s Changed?

Turning 24 is just another number away from 18 (which I’ll always pretend I still am). As much as I tell myself that I’m forever young, you definitely start to notice a few changes as you get older. For all my readers who are below the age of 21, enjoy your youth whilst you still can. Before I know it, I’ll be 30. Oh dear lord.

My Body

Woman stretching in pain

I’ve noticed that my body is more vulnerable to wear and tear and I’ve also found that my knees have become a little uncomfortable whilst sitting down or bending them for a long period of time. I think it’s because of all those years when I was younger where I’d kneel whilst watching television. My mum always told me to not do it and I’d wish I’d know the future repercussions back then. I’m sure there’s some way of helping the situation so I’m going to get them checked out by the doctor soon.


When I was a lot younger, I was fearless. Yes I got nervous before going on stage or performing in front of people, but nowadays the idea is petrifying. I’m also more fearful of doing things that I once thought would be exciting. However I am the type of person who will refuse to let this dictate my life, so I’m adamant to prove myself wrong. I’m also fearful mostly of not achieving what I want in life. I think that’s something we can all relate to on some level.

Fine Lines


Oh dear god, it’s started and it’s clearly inevitable but fine lines have begun to form across my forehead and under my eyes. I like to call these my laughter lines so that people know I’ve had a good life so far. I’m not one for taking drastic action and going under the knife but I’m keen to try other non surgical ways of keeping my skin from wrinkling up like an old british bulldog. My parents have good skin so hopefully it will continue to run in the family.


Another anxiety I’m feeling is that uncertainty of not achieving the expectations of those closest to me. Again I’m pretty sure we all have these thoughts at various moments in our life (and none of them are probably true), however it doesn’t stop them from being felt. As you get older, this feeling only becomes more prominent but I suppose as long you are proud of your accomplishments, that’s all that really matters. 


Multiple clocks

I suppose you could link this in with the rest of the points but time is no longer on my side. I’ve blinked and I’ve gone from vividly remembering and celebrating my 18th birthday, stumbling drunkenly through university and somehow managed to reach the age of 24. Er what? If anything has changed since I’ve turned 24, it is the realisation that time is ticking by so make the most of it!

When’s your birthday? How do you feel being a year older? Let me know in the comments below!

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