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So Week 4 has brought a new problem which I knew I’d be coming up against during my training for the London Marathon – snow. Now don’t get me wrong, I love snow. I love wrapping up in hundreds of layers & stepping out into a white muted wonderland, it’s incredibly peacefully & magical. However, after finally feeling like I was starting to get into a rhythm with my runs I woke up on my Run 1 of the week to this.

Snow RunningThe problem was that snow had not been predicted & the area that I live in is insanely hilly. No roads or pavements had been gritted meaning that by the time I was meant to run, my route had been turned to a frozen, compact snow ice rink. I just had to submit & say to myself that sometimes the elements beat you. However, if it happens again I’m going to have to go to the gym (I hate the gym). Fortunately by the time my other runs came around the snow had melted & I was back in full force. Here’s a summary of my week:


Week 4 Run 1

Heavy snow + impossible running conditions = NO RUN


Week 4 Run 2 – 25/01/2019

It felt fantastic to be back out. Lovely temperature (shocking considering the snow earlier in the week) & I ran for 45 minutes. My body is definitely getting into the swing of things now & pain (touch wood) seems to be a thing of the past – I hope.


Week 4 Run 3 – 27/01/2019

Ran for 65 minutes. Slowly creeping up to my longest running time (87 minutes) & feeling fitter week by week. This was an insanely windy run which was not in my favour in the first half of my route but when I turned to head back to the flat it practically pushed me along.

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