Beauty Blogmas – Sleek’s Diamonds in The Rough

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…LOTS OF BEAUTY STUFF! It’s officially blogmas and if you love reading blogs like me then you’ll know blogmas is when every blogger goes all festive up on their blog. ARGH I’M SO EXCITED. Can you tell?! So as a treat to you (and let’s be honest to me too) I thought I’d purchase a few beauty products that I’ve wanted for a while or what a fellow blogger made me buy. Today, it’s Sleek’s new eyeshadow palette Diamonds in the Rough!

Eyeshadow palette packaging

Just look at how gorgeous this geometric, rose gold packaging is?! Oh so dreamy…There is also a more Christmas-esque eyeshadow palette called Hidden Gems which has a sparkly array of colours that would go well on top of the neutral tones in this palette. The palette comes with 6 shades and each one has a gorgeous shimmer effect that is reasonably pigmented. The palette comes with a long mirror and a double sided make-up brush which is actually quite good as normally brushes that come with makeup, ain’t that great from experience.

eyeshadow palette

I love the texture of these shades that I almost didn’t want to start using them…almost. The two shades either end of the palette are more of a soft creamy consistency whereas the rest are powders. 

close up of eyeshadow palette
Left to right – Solitaire, Trillion, Princess and Asscher
Close up of eyeshadow palette
Last two on right – Marquise and Radiant

The swatches below are after swiping my finger through the product twice. Now for £7.99, I think it’s pretty impressive and although it’s not as pigmented as some, it still competes well with a lot of the more expensive ranges out there. The tones of the palette are perfect for me as I hate stark, bold colours and they never seem to suit so instead I’m boring and will likely have a drawer full of brown eyeshadow palettes in the future.

Swatches of eyeshadow

I also think this palette would look especially stunning during the summer when you’ve got gorgeously bronzed skin. Shades like Radiant and Trillion would be complimentary to tanned skin and really give those around you something to be jealous of!

The palettes are available from either Superdrug or Boots and I think it’s a bargain for such a gorgeous product.

Have you tried these palettes? Also what do you think of my super cute snowflake effect on my blog?! OH ALL THE FESTIVE FEELS!

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