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Oh dear lord, it’s day two and you know what that means? It means we’re one day closer to CHRISTMAS. I’m not excited whatsoever. Not one bit. Now as a newly found lover of all things beauty, my partner’s parents are bringing me down Sam’s old computer table that I’m making a DIY project of mine. It’s going to end up being the most beautiful dressing table you (and Pinterest) ever did see. And every dressing table has to have a crap ton of beauty products on it right?! I found these makeup brushes through MakeupSavvy who does these amazing Ebay Bargain posts that are so good but definitely not great for the bank balance once you start buying most of the products on her posts…

Selection of makeup brushes

These were described by Fee (from MakeupSavvy) as makeup brushes that look like the dupe version of Tom Ford’s range and they are pretty spot on with their metallic gold casing and black handles. They were a mere £3.15 which is a bargain and aside from one of them falling apart where the gold and black meet (easily fixable with some stronger glue), these are pretty good. So far I’ve only used two out of the five but I’ve kept the three main bristle brushes unused until I get more powder products.

Short makeup brush

Made out of a synthetic fibre, this brush is perfect for applying cream foundations and wet skincare products. I’ve been using this and the one below to apply my Neutrogena face masks a couple of times per week and they are just perfect for getting full coverage without the hassle of using my fingers. It’s also a lot more hygienic and less messy!

Long makeup brush

This one is a little bigger and therefore I use it to apply the face mask more liberally whilst using the smaller one to fill in around the eyes and the creases around my nose and hair line. I definitely think I’ll end up preferring these two out of the five as most of my make-up products are liquid/cream. I haven’t tried either of them with foundation or concealer yet but I will do soon!

Bristle brush

Big bristle brush

Big Bristle Brush

These other three are something Fee mentioned as being made of a strange wool and I agree that they don’t really feel that luxurious. However I will be sure to try these out preferably using setting powders or potentially even highlighters but I’d probably look at trimming down the brushes slightly so as not to look like a Christmas bauble….ALL THE GLOWY-NESS!

For £3.15 you are hardly going to lose any sleep over these if they don’t work out for you. They look great standing up in my make-up storage box and they’d be a lovely little addition as a stocking present or secret santa gift. Get yours here.

What are your favourite brand of brushes? Let me know in the comments below.

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