Beauty DIY: How To Make Cinammon Sugar Lip Scrub

It’s time to get creative here on UpYourVlog and after reading about these gorgeous DIY Cinnamon Sugar Lip Scrubs, I thought hey what could go wrong?! I mean this is possibly the easiest thing to make that tastes delicious (although you aren’t really meant to eat it) and leaves your weathered winter lips feeling luxuriously soft and supple.

Two scrubs

So what will you need? The ingredients list is something that I think most households will have in their homes and if anything, you could switch up the ingredients as long as you have the brown sugar and honey included.

Ramekin Dishes

Ramekin Dishes
Not ingredients as such but you need something durable and small enough to pop your lip scrubs in! Those little jam jars you get in hotels would also work well for when you’re on the go.

Raw Honey

raw honey
The original recipe recommends raw honey so not quite sure how ‘natural’ this one was from Lidl!


Like I said above, you can switch up the ingredients but cinnamon is great as a natural lip plumper.

Light Brown Sugar

Light brown sugar
The finer sugar the better as you don’t want to go cutting up your lips. This soft sugar is the perfect consistency.

You’ll also need some olive oil which will act as the binding agent for all the ingredients. I can’t stress how easy this recipe is. Start off with a small mixing bowl and add two tablespoons of brown sugar, follow this with 1/2 a tablespoon of raw honey and 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon. Next add 1/2 a tablespoon of olive oil and combine the mixture into a paste. It shouldn’t be too wet or dry, somewhere in the middle so it’s easily applicable to the lips.

Mixing ingredients

I actually repeated the process another two times to fill up the ramekin dishes. What makes this recipe so useful is that all the ingredients used won’t go off for ages so as long as it’s kept covered and ideally refrigerated, you’ll have a scrub that will last you throughout the winter!

After using the product, my lips initially felt smoother and then my lips started to shed the dead skin which although unusual, has ended up leaving my lips perfectly chapless and plumped. The cinnamon is great as a natural plumper for the lips as it swells the lips slightly meaning you can have plump lips without the costly and painful injections!

Lip scrub

Let me know if you try out the lip scrub yourself and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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