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With Christmas parties well under way and New Years coming up, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tickled Pink. Tickled Pink is an online fancy dress shop based in London. The company was set up by two Londeners, Alex and James who have always had a passion for fancy dress but have always struggled to get fancy dress outfits that stand out at events. I have the same issue on this one because most fancy dress costumes, especially in London cost an absolute bomb to purchase or even hire. Particularly if your only wearing the outfit once a year then it seems pretty pointless paying so much money for one outfit.


I received the ‘Naughty Nutcracker‘ which was actually quite a tame outfit when I popped it on. I find that with some fancy dress costumes, the actual quality of the material is quite stiff and cheap. The Nutcracker outfit was good quality and felt really soft.


I didn’t have any white stockings to put with it so just opted for the white heels to look similar to the model on the picture. The detail on the chest part of the outfit is well done and this specific outfit is just £18.99 which I feel is very reasonable especially as you are purchasing the outfit and not hiring it. In comparison, if you wanted to hire something like this in London costume shops, your looking at upwards of £25-£30…and the rest!

The costume comes in Small (8-10), Medium (12-14) and Large (16-18). The outfit has plenty of room as I chose a Size 12. I’d probably now looking back opted for the Small but it’s hard to find costumes that will cater for the busted woman. When publishing this blog post, they only have the small size available so it’s obviously a popular one at the moment!

If you want to purchase this costume then click here. Do check out their full range of Christmas and Holiday season costumes, as well as themed outfits for throughout the year. 

Natalie-Ann x

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