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Another MakeupSavvy made me buy it…oh my dear lord what are you doing to me Fee?! Either way, these two buys that were definitely a BARGAIN! Introducing 99p eye creams by Love Alpha. Love Alpha is an Ebay Store, much like the Amazon stores which are independently owned. These eye creams come shipped from Hong Kong so expect them to take a little longer to arrive than other internationally shipped products.


The eye creams come in a variety of shades and these are labelled from 01-14. I picked the same two that Fee (from MakeupSavvy) picked just because they were the best ones out of the bunch. The creams are quite luxurious and have a buoyancy to them which I found quite unusual to begin with. It would be best to apply them with a small brush as they contain so much shimmer that if you apply it with your fingers, it’s likely to go EVERYWHERE.
Close up of eyecreams

With these products, a little definitely goes a long way so I would assume they are products that will last for a long time. Number 01 is a white gold but it transfers onto the skin closer to a silver. I love this one as it looks great layering on top of any muted brown shades that I currently have in my make-up collection and it adds a bit of festive sparkle to my look much like the Sleek palette I featured recently on my blog.

Gold eyecream

Number 08 is a delicious rose gold and this one is my favourite because I could easily wear it on it’s own as well as teaming it up with a powder eyeshadow. I cannot believe how rich these colours look both in the pot and on the skin. This is definitely an Ebay bargain.

Rose gold eye cream

The swatches below have been done using one finger and swiping once. For 99p, it has some incredible pigmentation that you’d normally expect in a more renowned and high end brand.

Swatches of eye creams

I love these eye creams and they are definitely worth trying out. I mean come on, they’re 99p!

What do you think of these? Would you try them?

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