Biscuiteers – Ice Your Own Biscuits!

I mean if the look of this place doesn’t get you into the festive spirit, I don’t know what will! I have a friend called Lucy who works at the quite famous store Biscuiteers, a shop that’s small but bursting with creativity and excitement. This is a place where you can ice your own biscuits. How cool is that?! Isn’t the inner child in you practically screaming to get a slot booked in before Christmas? I know tell me about it…

Iced biscuits

It was also an excuse to exchange shoes back with Lucy that we’d borrowed off each other. The gang was myself, my partner Sam and our two friends Hannah and Will. We got a nice warm spot over in the corner of the shop. The front end of the store is mainly where all the confectionary is sold and is beautifully displayed. To the right hand side, there’s a counter where they serve delicious frothy coffee and opposite that is the long island and kitchen area where they openly decorate biscuits to customers who admire the talented craft at work (it’s a talent, trust me).



We were given an assortment of plain biscuits in various forms and shapes and a bowl full of icing in different colours. I doubt any of us looked like the mature, grown up people we’d like to think we are at that moment. I, myself was absolutely overjoyed with the thought of decorating this many biscuits and then immediately stuffing my face full. Lucy gave us a brief introduction to the decorating and we got well and truly stuck in.

Now icing biscuits is much harder than it looks and to be honest I think it takes a little getting used to. I would also like to point out that us girls definitely did much better in the icing department than the boys did. Sam certainly iced the most biscuits and I think he was giving up towards the end – he was just writing the word poop on a poop shaped biscuit (what a guy).

icing biscuits

We went to the store in Clapham Junction but they also have their original one in Notting Hill. It’s definitely a concept that will catch on and I’m sure more shops will end up opening in the future because these decorated biscuits make the perfect gift for anyone. They cover chocolate, cakes, corporate and private events as well as running classes and workshops on becoming a biscuiteer. Aside from all that they offer this service we did for £15 which includes three biscuits, all the icing you could ever want and a free decorative box to put your design in. I’ve made one which I’ll be giving away this Christmas and they are great as stocking fillers and presents that have a more personal touch.

Coffe and iced biscuits

snowman icing on finger

This certainly got me in the festive mood and I highly recommend this place if you want to spend a couple of hours perfecting the art of icing and of course stuffing your face with biscuits.

Have you been/had Biscuiteers before? Let me know in the comments below.

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