30 Things To Do On A Lazy Weekend

The past few weekends have been utter bliss. Why? Well because we’ve done absolutely nothing. There’s been nothing scheduled in, we didn’t have to see anyone or go out and spend money. Instead myself and Sam had some quality time in on our own and more importantly, we had space to ourselves to just do our own thing. Now I wouldn’t say this should be the be all and end all for weekends because it’s important to socialise and you know…get out of the house and stop binge watching Gilmore Girls (yep I’m hooked, thanks Hannah).

Woman looking away into distance

So I thought I’d compile a list of 30 things you can do on a lazy weekend because sometimes you just need a little down time in these crazy lives we all lead.

1. Read a book.

2. Go for a long walk and just explore.

3. Pig out.

4. Binge watch your current favourite television show.

5. Have a warm bubble bath and apply a face mask.

6. Do some light exercise (no one can be bothered to go hard on a weekend).

7. Skype/call your loved ones.

8. Do a clear out of a room in your house/flat.

9. Do some online shopping. Oops there goes my no spending rule.

10. Bake something from scratch.

11. Get all your laundry/household chores done on the first night of the weekend.

12. Catch up on emails/work you’ve been meaning to do but at a leisurely pace.

13. Practise that eye liner flick you’ve been wanting to perfect since like forever.

14. Groom yourself. Yes you heard me, it’s time to pluck and shave away.

15. Make yourself an exceptional breakfast. I’m talking croissants, fresh orange juice, the works!

16. Declutter your wardrobe. It’s time to ditch the clothes you never wear.

17. Spend the entire weekend on the sofa. Bring the duvet down.

18. Live in your pyjamas and don’t be afraid of popping to the shops in them.

19. Update your iPod music that’s currently stuck in 2014. Yep mine is. Same 20 songs.

20. Order a takeout because it’s the weekend.

21. Dance and sing regardless of whether there’s anyone in the house. Weekends are a chance to de-stress.

22. Don’t wear any underwear. It’s liberating and you save on washing.

23. Tackle something new.

24. Plan the week ahead. It means you can hopefully stress less.

25. Read blog posts, watch videos on YouTube. Watching other people’s lives at play is oddly satisfying.

26. Get a scratch card and try your luck. It’s a new tradition myself and my partner share.

27. Invite a friend or family member over and just have a natter with a cuppa.

28. Build a blanket fort because they aren’t just for kids you know.

29. Start a journal or write down some thoughts/ideas.

30. Relax and take a second to just be in that moment.

Did this list help? Let me know in the comments below.

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