The Shed Man

I’ve questioned where I’ve gotten my love of singing and I think it mainly came from my late grandad. He was always singing on the karaoke with his go-to choice being Elvis. He’d always put on his best blue suede shoes and rock and roll with whoever would listen (or had no choice but to listen!). I also discovered that I have another singer in our family, who I thought would be great to share with you, my readers.

Who is it?

His name is Craig Mckenzie, but on Facebook he’s given himself a new name. The Shed Singer. Why? Well because he sings all the songs videoed in his shed!

Craig outside shed

Craig started the Facebook group back in July 2016 and since then he’s gained an impressive following of over 600 on the page. He uploads everything from Neil Diamond to Gary Barlow and his voice is impressive. It’s so well controlled and has the style of old Hollywood. It’s certainly no surprise that when he was younger, he performed on cruise ships.

I would love Craig to start up a YouTube channel as I think that will give him more opportunity to get noticed for his talents. I love supporting my family members but also it’s great to use my blog as a platform to help promote talents like Craig who go otherwise unnoticed.

So on this lazy Sunday, give Craig’s videos a listen and support his page by joining the group!

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