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Never have I seen such a difference in my skin as I have since I started using this brand. I know I feature a lot of brands on my blog but this a post I felt I needed to do not only for the new product in the line I was trying but to also remind you guys of how good this brand has been on my skin.

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I mentioned the La Roche-Posay brand a while back after buying it along with my Feel Unique haul and I was so happy that after it being recommended to me by the online advisor, I noticed a great difference in my skin.

The Effaclar Duo + is a moisturiser and spot-treatment in one that dermatologists and beauty editors alike have been raving about. I’m surprised it hasn’t been all over beauty blogger sites, so obviously it’s a slightly undiscovered skincare brand.

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I’ve been using the Effaclar K (+) (£11.15) which is an anti-oxidant and anti-sebum cream. It’s claims say it refines the skin and helps reduce the appearance of blackheads. I noticed a big difference in my skin overall from using it twice daily for just a week. When I got the opportunity through BzzAgent to review another one of their creams, I had no reason not to say yes. 

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As a side note, everyone needs to sign up to BzzAgent. It’s a great website to review products for free which only requires you to promote it over your social media. So it can be done by anyone with a Facebook account! Sign up here.

Cream Swatches

The Effaclar Duo + (£11.60) is a thicker cream and has been specially formulated to target oil, blemish-prone skin and is clinically proven to reduce the size and appearance of existing spots and blackheads whilst simultaneously preventing future breakouts. With regular use, I should see a considerable difference. I’ve decided to take a before picture so that I can track the progress over the course of two weeks, so I’ll be sure to show off the results at the end of the month.

You can get both these creams off Feel Unique, so make sure you try them out!

*Disclaimer – I was gifted the Effaclar Duo + in return for my own honest opinion.

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