The Essential Outfits You Need This Spring

Introducing guest blogger Ryan Duffy, a new contributor to UpYourVlog. Ryan Duffy is a freelance writer who is a recent university graduate in Media Studies. His passion for people and writing has encouraged him to pursue this career full-time. He enjoys writing about fashion and lifestyle topics and this is where most of his work has taken him. 

SS17 style is going to be all about nostalgia and childhood memories, so expect to be taken on a journey into the past as the weather gets warmer. So whether you’re expecting to see the revival of 80s fashion or memories of seaside holidays when you were young, then the coming seasons fashion will have you covered.   

80s Sportswear

A woman running

The 80s looks is going to make a comeback in a big way this year. Vintage sports tees and brightly coloured track jackets, that make you look like you’ve been plucked straight from an inner city record shop or an underground house night, are going to be wardrobe essentials. Colourful and baggy trousers, tees and jackets were huge in the 80s, and in SS17 live by the motto “the baggier and the more colourful the better”. Over the past couple of seasons, the rise of sportswear and the athletic look has overtaken “smart casual” everyday outfits. No longer will you have to compromise comfort for style, so embrace your inner gym warrior and let the 80s shine through. Adidas have always been big in the vintage sportswear scene, and their signature sports tees and joggers are really going to make you stand out this season.

SS17 Streetwear

Model posing in hat

It’s been said that streetwear lives and dies with the seasons, but there is a streetwear explosion that’s happening right now. Over the passing months the popularity for streetwear and comfort has been on the incline because TV celebrities and musicians have made this style their own, through endorsements and collaborations. No matter where you are going, or what you are doing, adding streetwear clothing to your look will take your style to a straight 10. Brands like BOY London and Criminal Damage are leading the way with this trend, taking the leggings, hoodies and skinny joggers looks to the next level with their obscure and cool detailing. 

Seaside Stripes

Deckchairs on beach

Think deck chairs, beach umbrellas and ice cream weather. Some of the essential wardrobe fillers for this Spring are going to be covered in these sweet seaside stripes which marry well with the warm weather. The beautiful thing about stripy clothing is that they never go out of fashion, so you will be able to wear this seasons wardrobe fillers for months to come.

Whether you’re looking for a more casual and cool look, or bringing back the memories of childhood summer holidays, the essential wardrobe fillers this Spring are going to help you to achieve your perfect look. 

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