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When it comes to throwing a party, whether it’s a birthday celebration, a reunion or a wedding, picking the right venue should be at the top of your list. It’s where your party is taking place and a venue that’s not the right fit can turn your dream party into a bit of a party pooper.

It’s handy that companies like Venueseeker exist so that it takes off a little bit of the pressure of finding the perfect space. What makes this even better is that it’s a free service so you’re getting some life-saving advice for nothing! Venueseeker cover mainly party venues in London but they do have some locations outside the city that are just as special.

I decided to test out their site and suggest some top venue ideas for a certain party you may be having in the future. Even if it’s to spur your curiosity, to try the site out for yourself, you never know what’s right on your doorstep.

Work Events

Live Band Area | The Drury Club | Holds up to 300 people standing
Situated in the heart of Cheshire | The Alpine Bar – Tatton Park Holds up to 1,500 people

When it comes to a work event, you want a reasonably sized space, depending of course on how many employees are at your workplace. It needs to be somewhere that’s got a good atmosphere, perhaps an opportunity of a live band, space to dance but also areas where others can sit and chat whilst you make a fool out of yourself on the dance floor.

Birthday Celebrations

Versatile | Black Swan Studios | Fits up to 180 guests
ICE COLD! | IceBar London | Holds between 30-115 for seated dinners

Celebrating a birthday is always a special occassion for loved ones to celebrate the birth of you because let’s face it, you’re Queen B. Whether it’s a significant number or not, your birthday venue should show off your personality. Studios like the Black Swan Studio is a versatile space that you can customise to your own needs and preferences and somewhere like the IceBar London, is a unique and quirky experience that will make it a birthday to remember.


Tradional & Regal | Hedsor House Up to 150 guests

Weddings for me are just the most romantic occassion and to share a special day where two people want to declare their love for one another is just magical. If it’s your wedding day, you want the venue to work for you and for your guests. Manor Houses tend to be a good choice as they normally offer hotel rooms. Places in the countryside are my favourite and I would love for something like Dorney Court to be where my post-wedding reception takes place.

Countryside dreaminess Dorney Court Fits up to 3,000 people!

Christmas / New Year

Modern & Elegant | Old Billingsgate | Squeeze in up to 400 people

Memorable | Roundhouse | Get a whopping 1,800 guests in here

Christmas and New Year celebrations come part in parcel with each other and sometimes just throwing one big bash makes it much easier than having two separate parties. These venues are show-stoppers to say the least. Whether it’s with family, friends or colleagues, you’ll be sure to have one hell of a night!

Do you think Venueseeker is a useful tool for finding party venues? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Venueseeker but all words are my own.

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