Things You Realise In Your Mid Twenties

I cannot really believe that I’ll be 25 this year. I’m going to be officially in my mid twenties and it’s freaking scary. Time really does fly when you reach your adult years – despite my complete naivety to it when the adults said it would happen. DAMN YOU!

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But with age comes wisdom. I’m not the same person that I was last year and neither was that 23 year-old the same to the 18 year-old Natalie. We change and we grow and each year represents a different time in your life. This is what I’ve realised as I reach my mid-twenties.

You’re never too old to dream

My dreams of acting may have been tainted by reality but I’ve realised I am never too old. Just like J.K. Rowling as a prime example, success doesn’t always come at the same time as others. Dreaming is what keeps us alive. To dream is to live and I will always dream of becoming a successful actress whether that becomes a reality at 25, 35 or 65!

Acceptance of aging

I know many people will think I’m too young to think this, but the signs of aging are definitely becoming apparent as I get older. Your body takes longer to repair itself, you start to see those around you deteriorating and to be honest – it’s pretty shit. But what comes with that is the realisation that you mustn’t waste a single moment on regret, on sadness or failure. Pick yo’self up girl and LIVE!

Maternal feelings

Yes I may have mentioned this little fact once or twice but I am seriously honing in on my maternal feelings right now. The need for a baby is strong but I know now is definitely not the right time. It is nice though that my thoughts of having a baby are changing mentally because only a few years ago did I think the thought of growing something inside me was the most freakish thing in all the world. I mean, it would be like a constant tummy rumble having a baby move about in there!

Not being afraid to do you

I’ve now gotten to that point where I’m finding a lot of love for myself and that’s not only through pampering myself physically but listening to what gives me joy. I love blogging and it’s now becoming a big thing for me. It brings me so much happiness that I’m not afraid to let it sort of take over my life a little. You have to make sacrifices for things in life and I’m at the stage in blogging where I can be a little more stronger with my choices. If that upsets some people, then so be it.

Comparison is something to avoid

I suppose this ties in with some of the above points but I’ve found comparing yourself to others can be the most crippling thing to your confidence as a person. Everyone does things differently. Everyone suffers and everyone achieves so don’t spend your life comparing yourself to others.

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Seek friendships and strong bonds

As you get older, the busy-ness of life does get in the way and I’ve found it hard to continue keeping in touch with people. However, you’ll find that the strongest of friendships are those that remain the same no matter how much time is spent apart. But also don’t let things get in the way of making those bonds stronger. Balance I suppose is what’s key.

It’s time to be more spontaneous

I’ve found it very difficult to be spontaneous because I’ve always been so money conscious and I’ve often spoke about how that has stopped me from living spontaneously. I think being with Sam has helped me to combat this and I think it’s helped me massively. Travelling is something I’ve told myself I want to do more and we’re already going to Rome this month so if there’s something you really want to do but money is stopping you – just do it and find a way. 

What have you realised at your age? Let me know in the comments below, no matter what your age!

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