The Last Show And A Big Surprise!

Sorry that this blog post is extremely late but I’ve only just got settled into bed after unpacking my mahoosive bag and making my room all nice and tidy. 

Today was the last day of panto and we went out with a bang (even though it was a 10am show). The audience was full of children, so they were keen to cheer and boo, laugh and scream and all the other things you do when you’re at a pantomime. One child even had Wishee Washee in stitches at one point, to the extent that he was laughing for a considerable amount of time before regaining composure! We as the cast had all put in some money to get some presents for the crew who helped make the show possible. Well, let’s be honest, we need sound and beautiful lighting for us to be amazeballs. A big thanks go out to Lucy, whom I learnt that after having four children, you become extremely strong and are able to lift heavy sets with ease. Lucy was a lifesaver and she was a jack of all trades helping with costume, stitching costume back together, moving set and just being an all round good egg. Thanks beautiful!

Christmas Dinner

After the show, the fantastic ladies of the Rugeley Rose Theatre, made us a fantastic, home-made steak and ale pie with all the trimmings and even some Bucks Fizz to wash it all down. That was then followed by a jam sponge with custard. How spoilt were we?! I’ve never been in a theatre that’s been so accommodating. They literally kept us fed and watered throughout the week and were just so lovely to us in every aspect.

Then came the long trip back to LANDON! It felt so weird to be going back as it felt as if it had been forever since I left. However, when I got onto London it felt as if I’d never left. Now here is where the surprise comes in. I’d been texting Sam throughout the day just casually and he’d told me that he had a tutorial he was meant to attend either tomorrow or Thursday so wouldn’t be able to see me until then. When I got on the bus from Crayford station, Sean my housemate, was on the same bus, what are the odds?! Then I get in and I noticed the light was on as we were approaching the house. I kind of thought that maybe Sean had just left it on but nope I was wrong. When we got in, Sam came creeping round into the living room and I literally dropped everything I had – which was a lot of bags – and ran into his arms, much like your typical lover’s embrace that you’d see in an old film. It was so good to see him after three weeks of being apart and as I’m writing this he’s clambering into bed. YAY I now have my hot water bottle back.

Today has been full of surprises and treats and tomorrow I’m off Christmas shopping to buy all the gifts I need to get because I just haven’t had time because of doing panto!

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