Father’s Day Gift Guide

Darren Redman. Yes – my dad. 

This dad is beyond one of the best. He’s caring, laid back and is C-R-A-Y C-R-A-Y. I often ask myself where I get my weird sense of humour and I only have to spend a few hours with daddy Redman to realise where indeed it comes from…

In preparation for Father’s Day, I thought I’d share some gift ideas for the parental figure in your life. Whether it’s biological or not, be lucky to have them!

For The Dad Who Likes A Pamper

Shaving Kit

Shaving Kit

Shaving Kit

Shaving Kit

In this ever-changing industry of beauty and fashion, you can now get a subscription box for all things shaving. Why not treat your papa to a box stuffed full of products to preen and prep his beard (or lack of). The Personal Barber offers only the finest of shaving products and this box came with a razor, replaceable blades, a face scrub, facial moisturiser, shaving brush and a honey fragranced shaving soap that smells so delicious, I’m tempted to eat it. The subscription starts from £24.95 a month so it’s a great little taster for your dad to trial out. Buy the box here.

For The Arnold Schwarzenegger Dad


My dad has recently been obsessing over the gym and to be honest, I’m pretty jealous that he’s got the motivation to go. If your dad is a lover of all things metal, how about bringing the gym home? For example, the Bowflex® SelectTech® Dumbbell gives you 15 weights in one! With an adjustable weight range of 2-24kg, this dumbbell gives you the same powerful results you’d get from 15 pairs. Massively space-efficient, it’s a fantastic home fitness solution.

For The Fashionable Dad

If your dad has more clothes than you do – I mean then something is wrong y’all! There are so many options out there from the usual high-street stores to the more quirky options. If your dad has more holes in his socks than…a wheel of holey cheese then you can sign him up to a sock subscription box. Yep, there’s even a subscription box for socks now.

For The Movie Buff Dad


If you want to splurge out, 4K TVs have become a major game changer. Panasonic’s range is high-spec and the quality is out of this world. I’ve seen a lot of these TVs in the flesh and they are mind-boggling. Who knew that technology could become this advanced?! 

4K Ultra HD TVs don’t just look much sharper than their HD counterparts, they allow more colours to be displayed than ever before. Thanks to so-called Wide Colour Gamut 10-bit displays and HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology they are capable of conveying more colour than has ever been possible before before. This extended colour space allows an Ultra HD TV screen to more closely replicate the kind of vibrant hues you see at the best digital cinemas. Which is why 4K Ultra HD TVs look so cinematic. – Panasonic

For The No-Fuss Dad

Those dads out there who want no fuss are possibly the hardest to shop for. I mean why can’t they just give us a clue?! For this type of dad, sometimes it’s best to think about who you dad is as a person. Anything from hobbies, to his lifestyle can hopefully give you a clue of what could be a great gift. It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, gifts that come from the heart are, of course, the most special.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Panasonic. All words are my own.