The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book

I didn’t realise how therapeutic colouring in would be and how much I actually needed it until this book arrived. The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book is a beautiful collection of drawings that have been hand drawn by Natasha herself. Inspired by the Vogue Colouring Book by Iain R Webb, Natasha’s is similar yet one for those of a younger age.

Colouring in is something we have done since we could hold up a crayon with our hands. However, when adult life comes about, doing such a simplistic and relaxing task is difficult to include in our day to day lives.

Colouring book with colouring pencils

Now I’ve had a pretty quiet week, at the time of writing this, as I’m currently between jobs. So I decided to take a little time to myself, cracked open some coloured pencils and began colouring. I instantly felt so much more relaxed. So that’s why adult colouring books are currently a hot trend right now?!

The book itself is a great size so with a big enough bag, I would definitely take this on my travels. There’s plenty of pages within the book and they range from simple to slightly complex designs, giving you hours of colouring fun!

Colouring in drawing

This book would certainly appeal to those with a passion for fashion as the basic outlines give you room to get creative and aspiring fashionistas could definitely use this book as an experiment to create new and inspiring designs.

The drawings themselves remind me of the 90s groovy chick stationary, furnishings (you name it, I had it) and I think that brings a little bit of nostalgia to me.

Coloured in drawing

Natasha Itzcovitz is actually a fashion designer herself and this is her debut within the book industry. I find it great how different industries are now able to cross over and create more opportunities for talented people like Natasha. My dream is to publish a novel one day so this for me is someone to aspire to.

Close up of drawing

You can purchase the book from Amazon for £8.99 and this would be a fantastic gift for any fashion lover in your life or maybe just for yourself. Colouring is so therapeutic and not at all just for children!

*Disclaimer – I was gifted this book in return for my own honest opinion.

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