Summer Q&A with Queen Bee

Summer is well and truly on it’s way. If you live in the UK however, you’d have thought we were repeating Winter – I mean it’s been pretty cold here over the past week. However, I’m ever so hopeful that the heatwave is going to grace itself soon and I can finally be in my natural element. Laura Byrne aka Queen Bee had recently put a shout out on Twitter to work with bloggers and I realised that I want to collaborate with more bloggers rather than just brands. The blogging community is super supportive and I mean how cool is Laura’s cartoon version of herself?! I want one!

Queen Bee Cartoon

We came up with the idea of doing a Summer Q&A, so check out my chat with her below.

What’s the first sign of Summer for you?

L – As soon as the evenings began to feel longer and the sun begins to appear more often you instantly get the sense that summer is on the way. 

The perfect drink for sitting out in the sun? 

L – Oh that’s a tough one. Okay, for sure if it’s a crazy hot day, I would love a strawberry daiquiri – that’s if I was on a sunny holiday lounging by the pool of course. 

Any holidays planned?

L – I’m so excited to be going on holidays this summer! I’m hitting the big apple aka New York! I’ll have to try and not buy too much makeup. – I won’t mention Sephora to Laura then!


Your go-to beauty look?

L – My go-to make up look has to be burnt orange and red tones to create a smokey eye. The orange shadows compliment anyone with blue eyes. For lipstick I would have to go for a nice burgundy shade and for the rest of my make up I keep it nice and simple. I don’t like to apply too much. 

Favourite seasonal fragrance?

L – It has to be my Victoria Secret’s strawberries and champagne body spray. Im obsessed with the scent. Oh, or Roger & Gallet perfume in the scent “rose” this perfume smells divine! 

Describe your perfect Summer outfit?

L – My perfect summer outfit would be a denim jacket, jeans cause I live in Ireland and we don’t get much sun, and a white t-shirt and a pair of runners just something casual. Maybe if I had an event or something, I would go with a floral print dress. 

How much (or little) SPF do you wear during the Summer?

L – We don’t really get much sun in Ireland it’s always raining but my foundations all contain SPF and I’m currently using the garnier mist moisture bomb on my face and it contains SPF 30. 


Ice Creams or Ice Lollies?

L – Ice cream for sure you can’t beat a 99p cone! well I always drop them all over the place so if you ever need me to hold your ice cream cone don’t trust me with it. 

Your favourite Summer song?

L – Oh okay this is tough I currently have 3 picks right now and Harry Styles – Sweet Creature, Niall Horan – Slow Hands and Despacito remix with Justin Bieber.

Favourite moment from last Summer?

L – Passing my driving theory test that was a big moment for me. I do enjoy spending time with my family so we would normally go for a drive in the evenings and check out the scenery around us.

Me and Laura certainly have a few things in common (like strawberry daiquiris) and I’m totally jealous of the lush greenery of Ireland.  Make sure you follow this girl on Twitter here and her blog here.

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