Catching Up With My Friend | What I’ve Been Up To Recently

I don’t know why I’m so exhausted today. Actually, it’s probably because I went bed at like 1am last night because of catching up with my friend and had to get up early for work. Note to self, Natalie don’t burn the candle at both ends. What another drizzly, rainy day it has been today in good old London. The journey into London was once again a bit of a disaster due to the train I was on got stuck just outside London Bridge due to brakes not releasing properly. It worried me a little in the back of mind when we were moving again as I did wonder whether the brakes would continue to work. Thankfully I made it work in one piece, late I must admit, but in one piece.

Catching Up With FriendsOooh and guys I made a delicious porridge this morning. I say made as in it was out of a packet and I threw some random fruit and flavouring in. It’s golden syrup FLAVOURED porridge (best idea ever) with fresh plums and cinnamon. Porridge is such an ideal winter warmer and including plums and cinnamon just make it so festive. Obviously, I also had my morning coffee. Although I feel at the moment, I should probably be drinking two cups of coffee to keep me functioning throughout the afternoon. How bad is that?! Cannot believe that only a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t even drink the stuff.

I also continued learning my Aladdin script today and will be doing so every morning and evening in preparation for rehearsals at the end of this month. I’m playing Princess Jasmine but don’t have a tremendous amount of lines to learn as it’s quite a short pantomime so learning the lines such be quick and easy. I always find lines sink in quicker when I sit down and learn them in the evening and mornings. I know that other actors have various ways of learning lines. If you’re an actor, I’d love to hear what yours is or what advice you could maybe share that you think helps you learn lines quicker?

After work, I met up with my lovely friend Sarah and I always love catching up with my girl. We met in Aberystwyth only a year and a half ago(ish) and I consider her one of my closest friends. We get on like a house on fire and we just find the same things hilarious. It’s always nice to have friends who you may not see every day/week but when you do see them, you feel as if you only saw them yesterday. 

So my plans for tonight are to finish drinking my Horlicks that I’m currently sipping on. I know I’m turning into an old person but I don’t care, Horlicks is damn tasty and helps me get to sleep. I’m also gonna adventurously send a few emails, finish off my Lush Haul video that will be up next Friday and edit fully my Fresher’s part three video as I’m busy tomorrow and Friday so want to get it done and scheduled by tonight. Here’s hoping that I’m organised down to a T tonight. It’s working so far as this blog is up pretty earlier than normal.




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