London Cocktail Week – Edinburgh Gin!

So did I happen to mention that I love Bloggers Required. It’s such a great website to use for getting the opportunity to meet new people and experience new things. Well, this is exactly what I did the other week with my friend Hannah! So over a week ago, London was graced with the best week in the world, London Cocktail Week. A week for the entirety of London to show off their cocktail skills and most places got on board.

However, I was invited along to a little place in Dalston Junction called Mussel Men. If only this place were closer to my flat, I’d be there every Friday evening! Myself and Hannah got to try out their signature dish of mussels before the demonstration. They were absolutely delicious, full of flavour and great value for money at £12 in total, which we split of course.




With our stomachs lined (or so we thought), we headed on into the outdoor ‘beer garden’ type space to take our seats and enjoy an afternoon of drinking cocktails and being taught the rich history of Edinburgh Gin. Did you know that around 70% of gin produced in the entire world is mainly made in Scotland. Hats off to you Scotland!

We were given our first tipple of the afternoon. The simple G&T.

Now when I first got the e-mail about being invited to the event, I immediately knew Hannah would love to join me as she’s a major fan of gin. I’m ok with gin, I wouldn’t say it was my favourite but I’ll definitely drink it if it’s free! The G&T we had above was fresh as can be. This contained EG’s Seaside Gin, a limited edition Gin that I believe was brought out specifically for the summer. You can tell it’s good quality alcohol when you don’t have that bitter, horrible after taste that most cheap gins tend to have. This however, paired with the tonic and lemon peel went down a treat and certainly wet our appetites for more of this beautiful gin.


FIRST UP. Queen of Hearts


Small in size but definitely packed a mean punch. A zesty flavour that had a smokey after taste (which is the Lapsang Souchong Tea gin). Bright in colour and topped off with a orange slice makes this the perfect pool side cocktail.  The Edinburgh Gin presentation was led by two guys, who both had the same name, Ewan. The main speaker, Ewan (ha, confusing) who you see in the picture has a wealth of knowledge and used each cocktail as an opportunity to provide his audience with story-telling and writings about alcohol by some of the world’s most iconic and influential writers.


ROUND TWO.  The Basil Gatsby

Influenced by the famous novel and recent film adaption, The Great Gatsby, the next cocktail sure had us in the mood for dancing. Almost health like (think green juices/smoothies) in colour, this cocktail is similar to that of a gin sour. Served in a long flute and topped off with a basil leaf and orange peel, this provided both myself and Hannah with a zingy kick to the tastebuds. The gin has a great taste and one that you would never hate (unless you drank too much of it!). As Ewan quoted from a writer who escapes my mind ‘Don’t drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life’


ROUND THREE. Vesper Martinis


Not my favourite I must say. I’ve never been a fan of martinis anyway, I’d never make it as the next Bond girl…


This was before I tasted it. Jeez Louise.

The flavour was definitely very strong and reminded me too much of the awful night where I drank too many vodka shots one New Years Eve. But that’s for another blog!


Our martinis were accompanied by none other than some delicious looking oysters. Note to you guys, I’ve never had oysters so I was very much eager to try them, much to Hannah trying to put me off them. I told her I’d try anything once, when it comes to food of course!


So after four cocktails and a belly full of fish, we plodded onto Westfields for an afternoon of shopping and eating at Wahaca, my new favourite place to eat. Thank you Edinburgh Gin for giving us a rich history of both you’re company and that of the many stories you told us. A massive thank you also to Kate from LiquortoLips who invited me a long for an unforgettable afternoon. Here’s to the next one!






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