Highs & Lows | Week 7

What a week! I’m definitely feeling the past 48 hours as I write this on the train journey back from Coventry. I’m struggling to keep my eyes open at the moment…

I’m happy to say that this week has been full of good things and I haven’t really experienced any low points this week which is also a cause for celebration. 

Lodgikol Lodge



I spent the weekend in Coventry promoting a good friend’s luxury lodge company. It was a great weekend spent but dear god I’m exhausted!

Holiday Approaching

We’re off to France next week which I’m so excited about. My housemate’s parents now live over there in a gorgeous property near Limoges. I’m looking forward to lots of fun in the sun and a digital detox from social media. I won’t be taking my laptop with me either – what?!



The show we did in Stoneleigh for Lodgikol was awesome but Coventry and I do apologise if you live there, didn’t exactly welcome us with open arms, especially when on the first night of arriving, one of the girl’s had their bag stolen. Not a great first impression.

What have been your highs and lows this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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