Highs & Lows | Week 6

Can I get a round of applause or a pat on the virtual back for keeping up six of the Highs & Lows posts? I mean, it’s certainly an achievement to keep this up for so long and I’m loving it! I’ve spoken to a few readers who have really enjoyed seeing these posts. Like I’ve said before, I think it’s important that we reflect on what’s gone on during the week as it helps to celebrate the smaller things in life that we tend to just take for granted. It’s was another busy week in the life of Natalie Redman, so let’s share the good and the bad.



Mr & Mrs Rendle

The weekend just gone was the first of what will probably be many weddings to come in my ‘adult life‘. My best friend, Laura Jessop got married to her partner Jake Rendle, in the small town of Caersws before we all partied the night away in a dreamy country house on the hills called Bronierion. I can’t wait to share the snaps of Laura’s and Jake’s wedding so look out for it on UpYourVlog in the coming weeks!


Can I just express my gratitude (and I know I’m severely late to the party on this one) for the invention that is shapers? Not the brand of food/drink but the magical clothing that sucks in every inch of lumps and bumps to make you feel fabulous! I never thought I’d need them but thank goodness for their existence as I felt super sexy in my dress to the wedding, thanks to these!

Fake Tan

I’ve been trying to use more fake tan, especially over the Summer and I recently tried a brand called St Moriz. And I am SOLD! I’ve been using their tanning mist which is so easy to apply and rub into the skin. You then leave it on for 4-6 hours and then shower off any excess. It left me streak free and smelling like Summer. At £4.50 per can, this is definitely a worthwhile buy, especially as I still have a lot left over. YAY for not being pale anymore!


London Attack

With all the happiness of the wedding over the weekend, it wasn’t until very late on in the evening that we learnt of the attacks in London. I cannot believe that in just a few weeks, another attack on our country has happened. It’s scary but we will not live in fear. Every attack just makes us stronger and more united. Terrorists are cowards and they’ll never win.


I know this is literally the most boring thing but the worst thing about going away, is the washing you bring back. We’ve actually managed to get on top of it (and I’m spending my day off making sure it’s all done) but there’s nothing more annoying than seeing a pile of washing in your laundry basket after a fantastic trip away.

What are were your highs & lows last week? Let me know in the comments below.