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Wow it’s seems like a lifetime ago that we took our trip to Morocco but it’s already been nearly 5 months since I jetted off single and came back with a fiance (still not used to saying that). Whilst in Morocco, we went on a couple of excursions with TUI and one was an afternoon spent exploring Agadir. 

Agadir MountainBy this point in our holiday, I had come down with a pretty nasty tummy bug so it made the experience less enjoyable. But regardless of this, I tried to enjoy the beautiful sites of Agadir as best I could.

To begin with, we went to the Musee du Patrimoine Amazigh d’Agadir which is otherwise called the Berber Museum. It was a little odd because it was down a high street near the sea front and it wasn’t that populated with people. In fact it was a stark contrast to the bustling streets of Marrakesh that we’d visited a day or two before.

SamWe arrived at the museum and our guide knocked on the front doors and it looked to us as if it might have been closed (LOL). A few minutes later, a disgruntled security guard let us in…we were the only ones in the museum. I mean, hey this wasn’t the National History Museum, it was probably a small fraction of the size, but I expected at least one or two people in there.

This museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the local Amazigh culture. Agadir has a long Berber heritage and we managed to see a lot of jewellery, clothing, textiles and rugs that were part of this rich culture. A long way from what we deem as being fashionable in today’s society.

Agadir MountainsAgadir CityWe spent around forty-five minutes in there before heading up to the mountain of Agadir, which had the Moroccan motto emblazoned on the side ‘God, Homeland, King‘. This was even more beautiful at night time when it was lit up. When we first saw it at night it actually looked as if the words were on fire. What a pair of tits.

Once we reached the top of the mountain, we were hounded by several sellers trying to get us to buy their wares, take photos with a monkey or ride a camel. This was the only thing I didn’t enjoy about the holiday as it was persistent both in Agadir and Marrakesh. I get that they are only trying to make a living but it can definitely put you off from enjoying the sites.

Sam and NatalieAgadir PortCamelWe got some incredible views of the Agadir promenade and it reminded me so much of Aberystwth, with it having a very similar shape.

We headed back down the mountain to explore the souk in Agadir. We’d seen the one in Marrakesh and were overcome by how intense it was. Agadir’s wasn’t so bad but still had so much going on. The scope of these souks are incredible and we were certainly happy to have had a tour guide with us. 

We actually left early to get back to the resort and to enjoy the rest of our holiday. Morocco was a beautiful place and I hope that one day, we can go back to visit this slice of paradise.

Have you been to Morocco? Let me know in the comments below.


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