What Really Grinds My Gears?

We all have, what we like to call our ‘pet peeves’. Some are pretty unique and some I think we can all relate to. And with a pet peeve, once it’s developed, it can send you stir crazy when you come across it.

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So what really grinds my gears? Well, let me tell you…

Open-Mouthed Eaters

Nothing like seeing the chewed up contents of another person’s food in their mouths and casually spraying it in your direction whilst they’re talking right? These people clearly haven’t discovered that they can actually breathe through their nose and eat at the same time…

Burping/Farting Whilst Others Are Eating

Literally the worst. It really pies me off when someone says they ‘can’t help’ burping or farting in a situation where other people are eating. Oh ok then, I’ll just eat this mashed potato with my hands and start throwing it around the dinner table because hey, I can’t help it. Just no okay? Hold that fart or burp in because no one wants to hear or smell those nasty particles lingering in the air.

People With No Manners

Ever had someone stand on your foot, acknowledge they’ve done so but then turn around and carry on with their daily business. How’s about when you let someone get past on the train to get off first and they don’t even nod their head as a gesture. I mean, surely uttering one simple world is not going to cause you too much pain?

Seat Hogger’s

I’m sorry guys but men are much more responsible for this than women. It’s a situation that most people encounter on the tube. A number of men really going for the crotch spread, leaving some poor person next to them, squished up against another crotch spreader. I’m pretty sure your man parts aren’t going to suffer from lack of oxygen so keep those knees together and think of others.


I suppose this can be related to a lot of aspects in life but naive people, especially towards women’s rights, homophobia and racism and how they think we’ve solved it all, really grinds the old gears. If you’re watching Love Island at the moment (shut up I’m totally obsessed) then you would have seen Jonny’s response to feminism whilst chatting with Camilla. I’d rather not make sweeping assumptions but unfortunately the way Jonny handled the situation was definitely something I’ve experienced before. ‘Oh you’re one of those feminists’ and ‘I would say women definitely have more rights than men’ were just two of my favourite comments…

What grinds your gears? Go on, let it out in the comments below! No judgements here.

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