Highs & Lows | Week 11

It had been a tough couple of months for Sam whilst writing his dissertation but he manage to get it done whilst working full-time like the boss lad he is. He ended up with a merit and graduated with an MA in Stage and Event Management at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. What an achievement. So proud!

Graduation photo

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Master Griffiths

So now that Sam has gotten his Masters degree, he has full bragging rights towards myself as a mere humble graduate of a BA. He’s such a hard worker and he deserves this incredible achievement! 

Distant friends reunited

As well as celebrating Sam’s graduation, we also got to meet with a few friends from our university days. It’s hard to keep in touch with friends from university as everyone is located all over the place and your own lives get in the way of making time for seeing others. However, when we all met up, it was as if not time had passed, which I really love about the friends I’ve made from university.

Lows ↓


I swear to god, my hangovers are just the worst. Why is that as you get older, being hungover really takes it out of you? Where’s my 18 year old self who had no problem downing her weight in alcohol and continuing the next day like a total queen? Oh yeah maybe it’s because back then, I slept for the majority of the next day…

Stuck in a ruck

I’ve been a little reserved of late with myself because I’m struggling to find my path in life at the moment. I think it’s because certain aspects of my career so far haven’t quite panned out and after the past year, it’s changed my feelings towards certain things. This sounds very vague but I feel like I need to get it down on my online space for me to figure out what to do. So, thanks for listening to my random inner thoughts.

What have you been up to recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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