Skin Aspirations – DMK Enzyme Therapy

Apart from doing an at home chemical peel and receiving laser hair removal on my upper lip, I’ve never had a facial. Whenever I’ve been given the opportunity to have a massage or any treatment that involves pampering the body, I’ve never considered the face. Perhaps it’s because I love full body massages too much. I mean, who doesn’t?

Skin Aspirations is a company run by Simona Mazenyte who had become so frustrated with the beauty industry she found herself in. Having worked at various clinics within London, she’s come to realise that a lot of us as customers have been sold the ‘one size fits all‘ hype. And I have to agree with her in that, from my perspective, there’s not enough out there that really looks at tackling the individual rather than a group of people with similar skin types. 


Simona has worked and studied hard within the beauty industry and now works with a brand called DMK that takes each client on a journey, providing them with results rather than false promises. Each one is tailored to that person’s skin and what she feels will help reduce, aid and strengthen these problem areas.

I sat down with Simona on a very warm evening and had my skincare consultation where she talked about my beauty regime and possible areas of my face that I felt could need some focus on. Afterwards, I undressed to prepare for the DMK Enzyme Therapy, a bespoke treatment that has four objectives: Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain.


Simona started off with a Milky Cleanse which contains a mixture of herbs intended to calm and cleanse fragile, dry and reactive skin. I had mentioned that I do get some sensitivity on my cheeks as well as a bit of redness, so this is something that would hopefully reduce the redness and aid the sensitive part of my face. The cleanser wasn’t thick and was applied with a soft bristled brush which felt super relaxing. The cleanser did have a slight chemical smell but it wasn’t too unpleasant and my skin felt refreshed afterwards.

We then moved onto Desquamate, a gentle exfoliant to loosen and remove dead skin cells. Simona then applied cling film to my face – very weird feeling – but this was to keep the exfoliant on my skin to fully absorb as Simona applied hot towels to the face and left for around 5 minutes.

The only slightly painful part of this treatment was the extraction during the Sebum Soak. The soak allowed the pores on my nose to soften which Simona then extracted by squeezing the pores tightly. This felt like when Sam tries to pop a back spot that he squeezes too hard and I end up flinching away. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to move so I braved it whilst my eyes welled up. I’m happy I stuck with it though because, after a few days, my nose feels a lot cleaner and not as oily as before. 

Finally, before the enzyme mask was applied, Pore Reduction drops were massaged into the skin and a Fibromax Vitamin C powder was carefully applied to the face. Simona noted that the powder tones, tightens and brightens the appearance of the skin.

Applying mask

Now get ready to see some pretty bizarre images as the main course of the treatments comes next. The enzyme mask is a signature DMK product – which every product used in this treatment comes from – and enhances the skins capacity to function optimally.  Now aside from looking as if my skin has caught a rather nasty infection, the mask was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The mixture itself is quite a pleasant scent and is a clear watery mask that is applied to the shoulders, neck and face.

The mask itself allows the applier to go quite close to the eyes which is perfect for those of us who experience crow’s feet, dull circles and areas around the eyes that don’t feel quite as firm as they once were.

Mask applied

Mask on skin

Close up of mask

The mask was left on for 45 minutes and for the first five to ten minutes, I was left twiddling my thumbs, experiencing this mask tighten on my skin. It started to itch slightly – which Simona said is a good sign of it working. And when I thought the mask couldn’t get any tighter, it got tighter. At some point though I did fall asleep and it wasn’t until I heard the faint sound of my camera clicking, that I arose refreshed and ready for the removal of the mask.

In my opinion, the mask isn’t something to be put off by. It actually put more faith into the product knowing that the mask’s job was actually tackling the problem internally rather than just sitting on the outside of the skin. It was then removed with what I think was the milky cleanser and the hot towels. This revealed what I’d seen on the company’s Instagram as the plasmatic effect. This was where the capillaries and blood vessels became visible on the surface of the skin. It’s what Sam initially saw when I showed him the photos and his response was ‘oh my god, you look dead‘. Thanks babes.

Plasmatic effect

Close up of plasmatic effect

It was a very weird visual experience but the effect disappeared within 15-20 minutes of removing the mask. Simona applied some more pore reduction drops that would reduce any open pores and inflammation. Then came the beta gel which further addressed any reactive, irritated or inflamed skin. I was quite to surprised to see that the mask hadn’t really caused me any discomfort around the cheek area which I suppose speaks volumes for the type of ingredients used in these products.

Simona applied some more Vitamin C in the form of a serum which aids the production of collagen that gives the skin it’s firmness. She dabbed a little eye serum to treat the fine lines and dark circles under the eyes and combined a Herb and Mineral Mist with Seba E which mimics the skins own natural acid mantle and promotes barrier repair. Finally my skin was treated to Contraderm crème which is a soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant crème.

The whole treatment costs £150 and is certainly on the luxury scale of beauty treatments, however the results are clearly noticeable and for those who suffer from acne, rosacea, inflamed or dull and lack lustre skin would definitely benefit from this bespoke service.

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*Disclaimer – I was gifted this treatment in return for a review. All words are own and my opinion is honest.