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When it comes to music, I have the annoying habit of playing a song over and over again until I get bored of it and have managed to annoy anyone within the vicinity listening to it. That person tends to be my other half. So when Destination2 got in touch to offer me the chance to create my own Summer playlist, I thought this might be what I need to get me out of my one song rut.

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I have to admit that our generation’s music is pretty lame and I doubt a lot of it would carry on through future generations like music from the 60s, 70s and 80s have. But there is quite a few currently in the charts that I’m a little addicted to but I’ve also downloaded one or two tracks that are for me, earlier classic Summer tunes.

Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber – Despacito

I have to admit, my guilty pleasure is a little bit of the Biebs. I know, feel free to hate me all you want but I’m really enjoying this remix of Despacito, a hit from a few months back that has been remixed with Justin and has given me all of the Summer feels.

Selena Gomez – Bad Liar

I cannot express how much I love this song. I really dislike Selena Gomez as a singer because when you hear her live, she can’t sing but I can’t help but love some of her songs. Bad Liar has a bit of an odd music video but the song is so catchy.

Jay Z – 4:44

Jay Z and Queen B aka Beyonce are a power couple with an incredibly strong following and have been adored by many throughout their career. So, when it came to light that Jay Z had apparently been unfaithful to Beyonce, she responded with a whole album and so has Jay Z. It’s the best sales tactic ever, sell millions of records by revealing everything through their music rather than speaking to the tabloids. 

Shawn Mendes – There’s Nothing Holding Me Back

So not only is he very talented but he also is the spitting image of my brother Ashley. I mean the resemblance is uncanny and I make sure to take the mick out of my brother, everytime Mendes releases a new album. #thatsoldersiblingsforyou

Little Mix – Power

Little Mix are probably the strongest girl band in the world right now. I prefer them to Fifth Harmony as their image is about female empowerment and loving yourself. There music is so catchy and I know loads of women and men who enjoy their songs. This one is definitely a feel good Summer tune especially as it features on Love Island a lot!

Liam Payne – Strip That Down (ft Quavo)

Now I hate the fact that I like this song because I’m not a One Direction fan and I’ve had that Liam Payne is a bit of a melt. However this song makes me think of Summer so I suppose I’ll just have to internally cringe and get over it when it comes on my iPod.

Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE.

I love hip hop/rap music as I think there’s so many personal, political and social messages that are communicated through the lyrics. Kendrick Lamar has only recently become more mainstream but he’s been crafting since he was a teenager. His record HUMBLE is very artistic and seems to be a dig at his peers for not appreciating their positions within the industry.

Hailee Steinfield – Starving

I didn’t realise that Hailee Steinfield had appeared on Pitch Perfect 2 until I watched it the other day. This song was released last year but I still love it. It’s so catchy.

DJ Khaled – I’m The One

If you have a few minutes then please just watch the video to DJ Khaled’s I’m The One, the opening for me is just hilarious and makes me cringe. After that the Bieber appears and it’s just him trying to act cool around everyone else. It’s a cracking tune though.

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Jason Derulo – Swalla (ft Nicki Minaj)

Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj in a song together?! My kind of jam. This song is a prime example of innuendo central and it would have been innocently sung by myself if it had been released 15 years ago. Little would I know how naughty it was! I also adore Nicki Minaj because she’s bad ass and she is by far my favourite female rapper.

Zedd – Stay (ft Alessia Cara)

This really is Summer encapsulated in a song. It’s so catchy and it has those electronic dance beats that you expect to hear in every Summer song.

Bruno Mars – Perm, That’s What Like, Straight Up And Down, Too Good To Say Goodbye

I should have just downloaded the entire album because I’m obsessed with Bruno Mars. I’m pretty sure that this guy will go down in history and will actually stand the test of time for future generations. He’s like Michael Jackson but better…I know right, that’s a strong claim to make but I feel like he’s going to be around for a very long time. My favourite song from the album is Perm but I mean I love them all.

Queen – Hammer To Fall

We recently went to see a Queen tribute so I’m guessing this is why it’s made it onto my list. I love this song and unfortunately the tribute band didn’t play it, so I’m going to get my fix of it from now on!

Wham! – Club Tropicana

Urgh, it pains me to think that such a talented, beautiful man has left this earth but his music will live on. Club Tropicana is a classic tune and always makes me think of dancing the night away on sunny holidays.

J Balvin & Pit Bull – Hey Ma (ft Camila Cabello)

This latino-inspired number really makes me want to be somewhere hot, drinking cocktails and getting a glorious bronzed tan. Enough said really.

Beyonce – Hold Up, Freedom (ft Kendrick Lamar), Sorry and Formation

Just like Jay Z’s recent album, Beyonce realised this album during the mystery of that elevator video that questioned Jay Z’s faithfullness to Beyonce. The album Lemonade, is incredibly well done both lyrically and in her music videos. No one quite compares to this woman and she is a proper icon within the music industry.

DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

When this song first came out, I instantly loved it. I’ve played it a lot and I always shout out cake by the ocean when it gets to the chorus. I then realised the meaning behind ‘cake by the ocean’ let’s just say, it ain’t about eating a sweet dessert…

R.Kelly – Ignition

What a classic right?! This is probably one of those songs that I could put on repeat and not get bored of. It’s just R.Kelly guys, he’s a dude.

Sean Paul – Temperature

No one knows what he’s actually saying in his lyrics and Temperature isn’t any different. I swear he does it on purpose because it’s hysterical to hear people’s versions of his songs when you’re slightly drunk in a bar.

Flo Rida – Right Round (ft Ke$ha)

I loved this song when it first came out and by chance, I spotted it whilst browsing through summer playlists on iTunes. I’ve not seen Flo Rida or Kesha release any music recently which is a shame because they’re songs tend to be tunes that stick in your head.

What do you have on your Summer playlist? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – I was gifted a gift card to make a Summer playlist in return for a review. All words are my own.

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