Top Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

We tend to forget in this Summer heat, that both the hair and head, are vulnerable to sun damage. I’ve noticed that my hair has suffered particularly over the last month due to both the humidity and the heat from the sun. The result is that my hair is frizzier and feels a lot drier than normal. With so many beauty products out there, what types of hair care products should we be focusing our attention on during the Summer?

Haircare Products

Indulge in hair masks

Hair masks are something I’ve never thought of using just because it seems like more effort than it’s worth. However, hair masks should be used once a week at least, to keep your hair nourished from root to tip. Some recommendations are Percy & Reed TLC Hydrating MaskPureology Hydrate Hydra Whip Masque and Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment.

Use overnight hair treatments

Overnight treatments are something I’ve been doing for a while now and I think it’s probably the most hassle-free treat you can give your hair. Every time I wash my hair, I spritz some Pantene Overnight Nourishing Spray into damp hair and a 10p sized amount of Tresemme’s Split Remedy into the ends. The nourishing spray gives a little life to the hair, adding a bit more shine. The split remedy lotion makes split ends look less apparent – winner winner, chicken dinner!

Overnight treatments

Seek medical attention

Sun damage is probably one of the main causes of breakage and loss of hair. Sometimes the only solution is to explore the medical options out there. It’s crazy to think that treatments like Advanced Tricho Pigmentation, is one example of restoring hair and the appearance of hair. A few of my friends have tried out micro-blading after over-plucking their eyebrows and it’s given them so much confidence and it looks just like hair. 

Don’t over wash your hair

For some, the thought of not washing their hair every day is like Love Island never existing. However, washing your hair every day does strip the hair of its natural oils. As gross as it may seem, I love leaving my hair an extra day unwashed because it’s of course very lazy of me but I always find my hair appears more healthier afterwards.

CO-CO Crazy

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil or any type of decadent oil is great for the hair, especially when it’s dry and fizzy. I’m currently using Palmer’s Coconut Oil Spray after every wash and my hair is loving me for it. It helps keep stray hair at bay but also provides me with a waft of coconut every time I swish my hair. It’s heaven.

Switch up your shampoo and conditioner

Switching up your shampoos and conditioners isn’t something I actually realised could benefit the hair until I spoke to a friend who swore down switching up her shampoo and conditioner every two weeks has helped maintain the healthiness of the hair and her hair is long too! Like mermaid hair long. I recently went from my trusty industrial sized bottle of Tresseme’s conditioner and leapt into Elvive’s Extraordinary Oil Conditioner and my hair had a new lease of life. 


The scalp can become immune to a shampoo or conditioner through overuse so I recommend switching it up every once in a while to give your hair a lil refresh!

Don’t towel dry your hair rigorously 

Very much over the course of my teen and college years, I did not use much heat on my hair. I avoided using a hair dryer and instead towel dried my hair vigorously. BIG MISTAKE YOUNG NATALIE. When your hair has just been washed, the follicles are very weak so any tugging or brushing of the hair will cause more hair to fall out or break apart than normal. When towel drying your hair, instead of beating it like a crazy woman on a tub of Nutella, gently scrunch the hair with the towel to absorb the moisture.

Use the right hair bands 

It’s only recently that the spiral hair bands have appeared in my life and I am so happy to tell you guys that these hair bands have changed my life. No longer do I get any breakage from my hair but these bands don’t cause any kinks in the hair which is also a positive. I’ve also found that they hold the hair up better than normal hair bands do.  

What products do you use on your hair during the Summer?

*Disclaimer –  This is a collaborative post. Although all words are my own.

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