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I have always had a bit of a relationship with the beauty that is sleep. It always takes me at least half an hour to relax in bed, get comfortable and then slowly drift off. I am super envious of my partner however who seems to take just seconds to fall into the land of nod.

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I have tried a few things from sleeping apps to diffusers and most recently I’ve been using Misfit Cosmetic’s Slumber Oil. I’ve considered sleeping pills on the odd occassion where I’ve had a terrible night’s sleep but taking drugs to send you to sleep is a little scary and I’d much rather do it the natural way!

The slumber oil is part of the small selection of products sold by Misfit Cosmetics. It’s a relatively new company and you may have seen my last post on the Blackhead Extraction Paste. The oil is made up of lavender which is a plant so versatile and whenever I do smell it, I think of a calm and relaxing place.

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It’s sweet smell and healing properties help aid stress and instil feelings of relaxation, tranquility and serenity, so it’s perfect for battling a troubled night’s sleep.

I used this firstly in my Organic Aromas Diffuser which sits on my partner’s bedside table. I add a few drops of this oil every time it runs out and it seems to last for a few hours at least. I’ve also used a few drops on my pillow which really helps if I need a quick blast of lavender as sometimes the diffuser takes a little longer to reach my side of the bed. It can also be used in the bath but I’ve yet to try it. I can imagine the hot water infused with the oil will make it one hell of a bath time treat. 

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Comparing this to other oils, this is completely lavender so it’s actually a nice change to the other oils I have. The other ones are full of ingredients so can be a little overwhelming. I’ve had no complaints from Sam and I’ve found that if I’m tossing and turning in bed, the oil is a great way of aiding this – not always a solution to the problem – but nonetheless a great help!

How well do you sleep? Have you used natural oils before to help? Let me know in the comments below.

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