Wacky Interior Design Trends for 2017

We all know someone who just can’t handle the modernist vibe. This could even be yourself! With creative colours, amazing wall art and some wacky furniture out there today, why not dabble in the world of wacky interior design? Below are some of the craziest design trends we’ve seen so far this year…


Rounded Furniture 

This trend stands in defiance of modernism. Rounded sofas, chairs, and even worktops are hitting the market this year, and it seems people love it. It’s as though the 70’s blasted its way into the future and found a little niche in today’s interior design world. Think expanded chesterfield sofas and rounded cushions in a neutral tone.

Gothic Interiors 

All. Black. Everything. And if it’s not black? Think dark greys and blues. It seems a lot of interior designers are stepping away from the light and airy feel that minimalism offers and are opting for the dark side. In magazines such as Vogue, you’ll find deep blue chesterfields and dark wooden furniture plastered all over the covers, paired with matt black lighting fixtures. If you already have a large space, dark colours could compliment it perfectly this year. If your space is on the small side, you might be best sticking to light and airy colours in order to give it a more open concept feel.

Bright Window Decorations 

It seems crazy coloured curtains and blinds are back in the mix this year. We’ve seen our fair share of wacky wooden blinds and curtains with bright patterns. Back from the 2000’s are also the abstract patterns you thought you had seen the last of…

Wooden Aspects 

We’ve seen hints of wooden features in the past. Usually mixed with granite or marble, the wooden look creates the perfect balance of country life and modernist design. However, it seems as though the wooden trend is taking off, with Swedish influences finding bathrooms and kitchens all over the UK and Europe. 

Foliage Wall Designs 

Taking influence from Japanese and Chinese culture, the foliage wall art trend is proving to be the wackiest as of late. Instagrammers are swapping their wall art for framed succulents and foliage. The amazing beauty of this trend is that you can promote air flow in the home AND have it looking pretty at the same time. 


What are your favourite design trends so far this year? Any that missed the list? Let us know below…

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post, written by Gina Kay Daniel.

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