giffgaff Money Fit | 5K Challenge

A couple of weekends I go, I did the impossible – well impossible for me anyway. After weeks (ok months) of failing to go to the gym, I stupidly signed myself up for a 5K run after being contacted by giffgaff Money. I signed up initially in the midst of a slob fest and I didn’t go the gym until the week of the run where I did a measly two sessions totalling 30 minutes each. I know right, I was in for a brutal muscle awakening.

giff gaff banner

I’d signed up myself and Sam to the challenge but when I posted about my 5K challenge online, my friend and work colleague Sophie (who LOVES running), wanted to come along and support us. Instead, I asked if she’d like to join us. BEST DECISION EVER.

The race took place in Shoreditch Park and there were around thirty of us in total. The group was made out of bloggers, people within the media and members. The weather had been a bit miserable during the morning but the sunshine came through about half an hour before the race was due to start. The giffgaff team explained to us the route of the 5K which was four laps around the park, with the sneaky addition of an inflatable obstacle course near the starting line.

Group of runners

Obstacle course

Starting line

The team explained that there were a load of plastic balls with our numbers written on them. These were picked randomly for the final challenge to give eight lucky individuals, a chance to win some money for their charity.

As we warmed up, the realisation that I was about to run a 5K had sunk in. JESUS WEPT, I was terrified. I mean, I was already exhausted after the warm up, how was I going to cope running four laps around a park?! But before I could contemplate what a big mistake I had made, we were lining up ready to start the race. 

Sam running

Natalie and Sophie running

As soon as we began, I felt pretty good – probably because we’d only just started obvssssI just have to give a little shout out to Sophie who was an absolute babe for carrying me around the course when I wanted to just give up. She was super motivating and what’s worse, she didn’t break a sweat! Sam within the first lap of the race, had gone on ahead at his own pace, so I was glad Sophie was running along with me.

My favourite part of the race was the obstacle course because even though I was sweating my ass off, it was like being a kid again and it was totally acceptable. It got tougher by each lap but I had a big smile on my face regardless. The inner child was loving it!

Natalie running on obstacle course

Sophie on obstacle course

After getting round the course, I gave all my energy to the last corner of the route. As I crossed the finish line, I was dying inside but was greeted with a beaming smile from one of the giff gaff team members who put a medal over my head. I felt like a proper athlete in that moment even though I was beetroot red in the face and panting like I’d ran a marathon rather than five kilometres. As the last few came past the finish line, we assembled together to see who was picked to ride the bucking bronco pig.

Now unfortunately for us, we didn’t get picked but we did see some hilarious attempts at others trying to stay on the pig. Didn’t think I’d ever say that on my blog…


Group photo of all runners and winners

We had so much fun and it was great to actually get up early on a Saturday morning for a change. Thanks, giff gaff for having us along and for forcing me to do a 5K. We also ran this for my Auntie who has breast cancer so please do give anything you can over on her page. Make sure you also check out our results here.

*Disclaimer – I was invited to take part in this event, but I wasn’t expected to write about it. All words are my own.