Highs & Lows | Week 16

It’s been a sickly environment this week in our household. All three of us have been ill with a bug and as I type this, I’m currently recovering myself in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This week has also been the weekend of the CAMRA Beer Festival which was a year in the making, planning wise. We ended up having around 12 of us in the group and we stayed out from the beginning of the festival to the very end.

Friends selfie

Highs ↑

CAMRA Beer Festival

This event has been highly anticipated ever since going to the last one in 2016. Myself, Sam and Matt attended our first beer festival last year and we vowed to do it again this year. This time round, we had the whole gang along including my godfathers, my brother and his friend, my dad and my girl Sophie! We had so much fun even though myself, my brother and Sam were all battling the flu. It’s such a great event and one I would recommend if you love ales, larger and ciders. 

Lows ↓

Feeling the flu

I 100% believe the sickness we’ve all experienced this week is down to the constant shift in the weather recently. Here in the UK, it’s been a dismal Summer and the constant increase and decrease in temperature has likely played havoc on our immune systems. Having the flu in August is not fun, trust me.

Falling Over

So in what feels like years, I drunkly fell over last night which was hysterical to everyone else and myself but also hurt like a bitch the next morning. I hardly ever injure myself (even though I’m super clumsy) so it’s pretty much a proud battle wound from a great night out.

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below.

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