The Ordinary Foundations | Full Coverage vs Serum

I have been waiting to try The Ordinary brand for too long so I finally went and ordered myself the foundations from their makeup line. If you haven’t heard of The Ordinary before, it’s pretty much featured on every beauty blog that I’ve read. It comes from a bigger company called Deciem who are renowned in the industry for their innovation and clinical formulas.

The Ordinary Foundations

I’ve wanted to try their range for ages and both the Serum and Full Coverage foundations arrived separately in the post over the past couple of weeks. I’ve had a play around with both of them and wanted to give my thoughts on how they felt, what I liked about them and which one I’d preferred. Please note that I haven’t been sponsored to do this post, I merely love the brand and wanted to showcase them to you!

I tend not to buy foundations online anymore simply because I am hopeless at knowing what shade of foundation will suit me. From Ivory to Natural Beige, I haven’t got a dickens as to which one works best and most of the time it’s either way too light or way too dark. However, with these foundations, I did my research by looking at other bloggers and what they went for.

Foundation Drops

I ended up going for the same shades with each foundation (2.0 Light Medium) which was a risk but it paid off. The foundations arrived separately because there’s apparently a huge demand for them, even after launching back in April. I am very impressed by just how many shades there are too within the line which is a rarity in the beauty industry. The foundations also contain SPF which us Brits tend to forget about when going out in the sun.

Starting off with the Serum foundation which arrived first. The foundation is quite watery and takes a little practice if applying it from the hand onto the beauty blender. It absorbs onto the sponge pretty quickly so time is of the essence when applying it. I am in love with this formula because it’s lightweight and blends really easily into my skin. It’s the perfect shade and it actually doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any foundation once fully absorbed.

Foundation Swatches

Foundation Swatches

The foundation also sits well with my concealer and doesn’t look cakey or cracks when I use my setting powders.

The Full Coverage foundation arrived around a week later and I very quickly switched over to use this one. This is very much the same shade (which is great), however, the consistency is a little thicker but not as creamy as other full coverage foundations that I’ve used before. This formula I’m not so keen on because it’s quite heavy and leaves me with a dewy finish. I can mute this down with powder but this is something I don’t want to be doing during the Summer.

Between the two, the serum is definitely my favorite at the moment and one I’d re-purchase as soon as I run out. I think with the full coverage, I need to test this during the Winter but I do think this one actually comes out a little darker once set onto my skin.

Both foundations are a steal at £5.70 for the serum and £5.90 for the full coverage. This is cheaper than most drug store alternatives and as long as you don’t mind waiting a little longer for delivery, they are so worth it. If anything, these foundations have made me want to try out more of the range.

Have you tried The Ordinary range? Let me know in the comments below.

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