Shedding A Stone And Home Sweet Home.

Now don’t get all surprised and celebratory on me. I haven’t lost a stone but by god the amount of running I did back and forth from station to station tonight was ridiculous. That and I was also carrying with me everything but the kitchen sink, as the saying goes!

Basically what I felt like.

I don’t think I’ve actually sweated so much in my entire life. The amount of sweat that I produced was incredible to say the least. What didn’t help, was the massive gym bag style luggage bag I was carrying around with me as well as my big handbag and my laptop bag. SO MANY BAGS! The gym bag was just one of those bags that would knock you flying out of the way, especially when I’d filled it with some much crap. People kept looking at me funnily when they saw my bag and some even looked at it in disgust. What do you want me to do? Balance it on my hard? Listen fellow commuter, I cannot help that on a rare day where I go home for a prolonged period of time, I have to carry a big dock off bag with me. If it’s getting in the way, tough!

Anyway moan over. Instead of getting the Mega Bus which was going to be delayed 15 minutes, I got the train which got me back home at 9.30pm. If I’d have taken the bus I wouldn’t have got into Birmingham New Street till 22.35pm and I couldn’t believe it (I definitely will check next time before I book) but there were no trains running from Birmingham to Stoke-on-Trent after 22.30pm. This is probably normal and I’m just so used to London travel services running late but I’d have thought that they would run till 11pm at the latest!

The new corner sofa that mum and dad have got is literally the most comfy corner sofa in the world. I was definitely ready to fall asleep on that sofa after watching the telly and having a cheeky glass of Baileys…or two! Dang it I’ve missed home.

Anyways, I’m up on the Staffs Uni drama studios from 10am tomorrow to get back into the swing of panto land. Cannot wait! OH NO I CAN’T. See what I did there. Yep I’m hilarious.


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