How To Avoid Scammers


I’ve talked before about being safe online and the topic got me thinking again after watching Dark Net. It’s a series on Netflix that explores the dark side of technology, especially within the world wide web. Those who wish to exploit and target individuals and seek out the vulnerable are getting smarter than ever in how they go about scamming others. So here’s how to avoid scammers from getting you.


Be Wary Of Help Me! Emails

Ever received an email from someone you recognise but they’re asking for money? It’s most likely to be a phishing email. Always check who the sender is to check it’s not someone you actually know – as their email may be compromised – and be sure to report it to your email provider.

Of course, there are occassion where you may have a genuine request for money or help from a loved one but always check through another means of communication that it’s real. Services like Transfer Rapid that send money to Romania, are a safe way of transferring money to friends and family.


Use Secure Websites When Browsing

One of the things I recently learnt about safety on the website is secure browsing and it’s a little lock icon in the top left hand corner of your browsing screen, that’s important. Whether you love to travel and therefore purchase your flights etc online or if you’re like me and you love shopping, always make sure you are a secure site.

A way of checking this is to make sure that a padlock icon appears to the left hand side of the link, if it isn’t then avoid it and shop elsewhere.


Keep Your Devices Anti-malware Protected

It’s a small price to pay to keep your devices safe from viruses and scammers, so be sure to purchase a firewall/anti-ware software to keep your personal files and data protected. Scammers over email will often make you feel vulnerable by exploiting activities that are private to you such as ‘we caught you sending dirty jokes to your work colleague‘ or ‘we saw you on webcam watching…‘ you get my drift. Softwares like McAfee and AVG will do their best at preventing your computer or device to be compromised.


Use Complex Passwords

I know this a complete and utter ball ache for most people who use more than one log in, but try to use complex passwords. I don’t recommend writing these passwords down to remember them but if it helps to, as long as you keep them safe and out of sight, do it because complex passwords are harder to crack.

A lot of scammers try sending emails or ringing via phone, pretending to be a service provider or bank or anything that might have personal and financial data linked to it. Always do a company name check and never give out details until re-checking email addresses and phone numbers of those calling first.

How do you stay safe online? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.

How To Avoid Scammers

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