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When it comes to beauty tools, I’m pretty new to the game. I tend to assume there’s a lot of gimmicky products out there, just like there are beauty products. SENSSE do a range of affordable beauty tools that all work together in order to assist with our skincare routines. Up until late last year, a skincare routine for me, didn’t really exist. It wasn’t until my blogging become more serious, that I started to take an equal interest in taking care of my skin.

Beauty Tools

I was sent three of their tools to test out on my skin and after using them for a week now, I wanted to give you an update on whether these things really work or whether they’re just another gimmicky product you’ll use once or twice and then store away, never to use it again.

SENSSE is a British brand and I believe it’s a fairly new one at that. They have seven products in total and these include tools that focus on parts of the face, including a satisfying pore suction cleaner that I desperately want.

Beauty Tools

The packaging for these tools does stick with the brand’s theme of white and pink and I especially love the luxe sparkly purse that came with the Hot and Cold Facial Massage Bar. So let’s delve straight into what these tools do and how effectively they worked on my skin.

Eye Massager – Buy here (£39.99)

This eye massager fitted with blue and red LED light therapy is meant to recharge and refresh the eye area for brighter, younger looking eyes. The LED light therapy helps remove impurities from pores, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reduces puffiness and redness. Initially, I was a little scared to use this device because knowing me, I’d accidentally glare into the light for too long. (I don’t have much confidence in myself) The instructions say to use a small amount of eye cream and massage the tool into the skin for 10 seconds. 

This is definitely a tool I’d need to try for a few weeks to see if there’s any difference but interestingly, the tool only works when it comes into contact with skin.

Eye Massager

Eye Massager

Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush – Buy here (£39.99)

The Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush was probably the one I could see myself using more often and as part of my weekly skincare routine. The only downside to this product is that it’s becoming a little discoloured after a few uses, which is a bit off putting. I love the various rubber bristles on the front and the raised bumps on the back. The two settings are meant to give your skin a deeper clean and to also reduce the signs of ageing. 

What I love about this product is how quickly it works my moisturiser into the skin. After a minute of gently gliding it around the skin, it’s been more or less absorbed. The back of the device is used for reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the skin and I definitely noticed a difference in my skin after a few uses.

Silcione Facial Brush

Silicone Facial Brush

Silicone Facial Brush

Hot & Cool Facial Bar – Buy here (£59.99)

The priciest of the tools, the Hot & Cool Facial Bar is probably the most exciting of them all. With the promise of youthful, glowing skin in just three weeks, I’m expecting some serious results! The facial bar has a number of settings include a hot and cold option that is meant to relieve skin fatigue and brighten tired skin. The tool is used alongside the facial brush, using the hot option to open up pores, exfoliate and cleanse with the facial brush and finally using the cold option to brighten, tone and firm skin.

Facial Bar

I think overall, the silicone facial cleanser is going to be my most used. I’m eager to see the results from the eye massager. With the hot and cold facial bar, it will be one I use on occasion, perhaps when I have friends round and we’re having a pamper session.

What do you think of the SENSSE Tools? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – I was gifted these products in return for an honest review. All words are my own.

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