Highs & Lows | Week 18

It’s a bank holiday weekend and you can feel the excitement and see the happiness on people’s faces knowing that they get an extra day off to do whatever they like. This weekend for us has been a very productive one, a trip to a Gin Festival on Friday, booking a holiday on Saturday and taking lots of photos on Sunday for my blog. The sun has been shining which is great because Summer this year has not been the one.



Highs ↑


Gin Fest


We kicked off the Bank Holiday weekend with a trip to the Gin Festival that took place in Tobacco Dock, a massive warehouse space with an outdoor area next to the docks. The event is very popular and was pretty much sold out by the Friday evening. With over 100 different gins to try, you can stick with a traditional British Gin or dip your tastebuds into International gin waters. 


We’re going to Morocco


It’s BOOKED! Thank the lord, we’re going on our holidays. Whilst the rest of the UK will be wrapped up in winter wear, myself and Sam are jetting off to Morocco to spend a week in a five star, all inclusive luxury hotel. I cannot wait. October cannot come sooner. My blog brain is already thinking of the blogging content I can create!


Bank Holiday


I’m probably not alone on this idea, but can we just have bank holiday weekends every weekend? Let’s just do a three day weekend – no one likes Monday anyway. It’s such a shame that we are so work obsessed that I think it’s important we spend more time with out loved ones and relaxing.


Lows ↓


Lost it/found it


So being the clumsy person I am, I thought I lost my debit card on Friday. I cancelled the card only to find it Saturday afternoon in my bag. And this has happened to me twice now. Why can’t the damn cards just get lost instead of magically reappearing. Not cool debit card, not cool.


What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below.