11 Struggles Most People Have On Their Periods

Periods. They ain’t fun, yet so many of us go through them every month. And I’ve spoken to a few of my friends who surprisingly do most of these things on their period. It’s a topic that’s not spoken about so openly and after hearing about a campaign called The Homeless Period, I wanted to raise a bit more awareness about this cause.


The Homeless Period has raised concerns for the lack of sanitary supplements for people that are homeless in the UK. Started by 3 people who met as interns at a London advertising agency, they discovered that shelters allowances don’t cover sanitary products. So they started a petition and got over 100,000 signatures to take it to Parliament. Since then, more awareness has been brought to the topic and more people have donated money and sanitary products to the cause.

So I know you’re waiting for what we all secretly do on our periods, so here goes…

  • Period Poops – it’s weirdly satisfying. It’s like your body is doing a good clean out of all the nastiness.

  • The constant worry you are leaking. Because don’t believe those glossy magazines that say it doesn’t happen. ERRRRRRR, yes it does.

  • Jesus this month’s period was worse than the last one. And repeat that saying. And repeat. And repeat.

  • Sweating – What we think going through the menopause will feel like. And sweating down below ain’t sexy either.

  • You find yourself most frisky when on your period. I mean, really body? You’re going to put me through that emotion too?!

  • The people closest to you end up being loved one minute and then given the evil stare of doom the next.

  • Even though you’ve done it a million times, it’s still awkward when you buy sanitary supplies and have to pay for it in front of the cashier instead of self-service…#theyknow

  • The impossible task of removing a sanitary pad or tampon out of your bag and taking it with you to the toilet without anyone seeing.

  • Having a cheeky gander at the absolute mess you’ve just made in your toilet bowl like you’re some sort of intrigued scientist.

  • Made a makeshift pad out of toilet paper because you’ve come on unannounced and have no sanitary supplies to hand.

  • Ruining pretty much every pair of knickers you’ve ever owned.

Anyone who doesn’t get periods, thank your lucky stars. For those who do, celebrate it because it’s normal and most importantly, you’re not alone. If you’d like to donate to The Homeless Period then you can do so by visiting your local shelter or food bank.

Did you find yourself relating to these? Let me know in the comments below.