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Crochet Braid Hairstyles

Today’s post comes from guest blogger Nancy Cooper. This week she’s talking about Crochet Braid Hairstyles. I’ve always appreciated these hairstyles and I think they look gorgeous. Celebrating all types of hair is something I want to showcase on my blog!

Mixture of hairstyles

Nowadays, many African American women are looking for a protective hairstyle, which doesn’t spoil locks, is easy to style and looks awesome. Somebody will say that this hairstyle doesn’t exist. However, a crochet braid hairstyle meets all these requirements! The key feature of this hairstyle is that artificial locks are added to natural hair by using a crochet needle type device. The hairdo can be either traditional or it can be re-invented using amazing tricks.

Here are tips for beginners, tricks for women, who are in love with the crochet braid hairstyle and some ideas for your inspiration! If you are thinking about getting crochet braids, here are a few tips for you. Consider them if you want to wear this DIY hairstyle.

The brand matters

Actually, a crochet braid hairstyle is easy to do, but some strands may be hard to work with and it may be challenging to detangle them or they may have the tendency to frizz up. So, choose the brand, which provides soft hair extensions of a good quality.

The braid pattern is important

Remember that hair extensions should complement your beauty but don’t spoil it. So, if you wear a side or middle parting, try to wear crochet braids in this way. Besides, remember that in the forehead area, strands should be small and placed close to each other.

You don’t need special tools

In order to install crochet braids, you shouldn’t use a crochet hook. You may consider bobby pins and a hair beader as alternatives.

Pay attention to the preparation

Always detangle braids before using them, it will facilitate the process of the installation. Also, braids should be neat and clean, and your own tresses should be moisturized well because hair extensions may dry out your hair.

Take care of your crochet braids

To wash the hair or not is a controversial question. Some women, who have short locks, don’t wash hair at all, but if the hair is long, you may wash your scalp. Just spray the scalp with a watered shampoo, massage the scalp, then rinse out the shampoo from the strands, apply the conditioner to your scalp and then moisten your hair with oil.

Besides, moisten your hair daily with a conditioner or an Aloe Vera mixture. When you go to sleep, cover the braids with a satin bonnet.

Crochet Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Long twists and a volumetric forelock

Long twist braids
Photo credit 

This beautiful hairdo with a side parting gives a hint of romance. You can have large twists, gather the front strands on the nape and comb the upper layers to the side so that they will form a volumetric forelock. It is a perfect casual and festive variant!

Small Natural Curls

Small natural curls
Photo credit

If you aren’t blessed with dense and curly hair, don’t despair! Crochet braids may give you the texture you want. Choose small curls, which fit your complexion. They should start at the roots to look voluminous and extend to the ends. This ‘do is perfect for a social gathering!

A short crochet braid hairstyle

Short crochet braids
Photo credit

This hairstyle refers to the short crochet braids hairstyles. Small ringlets cover the whole head and they may form a short Mohawk. To style this hairdo, tease strands and then fix them with a setting spray. Add a lipstick of a vivid color and you will turn heads!

Large Red Curls

Long red curls
Photo credit

Do you have a fire burning in your soul? If yes, then express it through your hairstyle! Go for tousled curls of a vivid color, tease them a bit and let hair cover your shoulders. You will ooze femininity and confidence.

Short tousled curls

Short tousled curls
Photo credit

Go for a natural look with small and thin curls with highlights, which create the effect as if the strands have been kissed by the sun. Besides, you may create curly bangs, which may hide a prominent forehead. Just use gel or mousse to make the strands more textured and fix with a setting spray.

A braided top knot

Braided top knot
Photo credit

Crochet braids offer many styling variations. If you wear long plaits and have your own hair braided into cornrows, then you’ll get a feminine and romantic look. Also, you may gather locks into a braided top knot to create a sophisticated look. To complement it, add a statement necklace and sunglasses.

A bright half up

Half up braids
Photo credit

Bright colors create a visually appealing effect and the woman with this hairstyle always looks chic. Have your natural hair braided into cornrows, then add hair extensions with green strands and create a half up hairstyle – the top knot. This hairstyle suits women, who always think out of the box.

Short spirals with rings

short spirals with rings
Photo credit

Tight spiral locks always give a polished look. So, if you are looking for something short, stylish, and which requires a low maintenance, this hairstyle is a win-win option! For a more sophisticated look, you may adorn strands with rings.

Long ringlets

Long ringlets
Photo credit

Tight, long waves of a deep color always give a girly look. If the natural texture of your hair is thin and flat, then this hairstyle can add a zest to your look and protect your own hair. If you wear long twists without bangs, then this hairdo will bring out your best facial features. Just add a beautiful makeup and you’re ready for the night out.

Silver twists with an undercut

Silver twists
Photo credit

A silver shade is on the rise today and if it is combined with oversized long twists and the undercut, then it looks extremely pretty. And the woman, who wears this hairstyle, will always be in the spotlight. You don’t have to put much effort to style the ‘do, just make sure that your braids always look neat and smooth. For this, moisten the strands regularly. The hairstyle will work well both with casual and formal attire.

Thus, be stylish and beautiful without putting much effort with a crochet braid hairstyle!

What do you think of these looks? Let me know in the comments below.

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