Highs & Lows | Week 19


That’s an expression myself and others tend to make after a heavy drinking sesh and although I say it now, I’ll probably be saying yes to a Pornstar Martini at the next available opportunity. This weekend was spent with friends and having no contact with my laptop or blogging. Now there’s a change!

The Wedding Singer tickets

I’ve managed to miraculously get ahead of myself with blogging and have pre-scheduled a lot of content which has given me more time to spend offline and in the real world. I’m trying to give myself more time to also work on enhancing my blog profile and my social media platforms so I make millions and live on my own luxury island for the rest of my life…

Highs ↑

The Wedding Singer

Seeing my two friends play the leads in this show was SUPER exciting because not only is it one of my favourite shows, my friends are also together as a couple in real life. I couldn’t help but cry and gaze at them adorably like a proud mother at a child’s nativity performance. They did so well and I’ll try and get a review of the show up on my blog over the next couple of weeks.

Book Of Mormon

If there’s one show you need to see whilst you’re in London, make sure it’s this one. The Book of Mormon is hysterical and I went to see it for the second time last week with my bestie Antony. It’s written by the writers of South Park so if you’re a fan of the show, then this is something you’ll love too. 

Lows ↓

Hungover Again

This seems to be a regular low of my weekly highs & lows and although it’s self-inflicted, I cannot help but sob at the fact I’m now experiencing a two-day hangover. WHAT IS THIS WITCH CRAFT?!

Winter’s Coming

Right now I’m seeing everyone getting super excited about the fact that the nights are getting darker earlier and it’s time to whip out the winter wardrobe. NO. I hate the cold and our Summer was just a big pile of poop. Please, can I live somewhere exotic where I don’t have to use a hot water bottle to defrost my feet?

What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments below.

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