Magic Memories | Canvas Prints

I think I take after my mum when it comes to photographs. I took so many pictures during my time at university, that I must have SO many albums on my Facebook and probably lost plenty of Facebook friends in the process because of my over-excessive camera snapping.

Canvas PhotoI’ve always loved canvas photo frames,  they stand out and give your photos a little more life and depth, especially if it’s a collection of photos hanging together. Magic Memories got in touch for me to try out their canvas prints and I really wanted to get a collage of myself and Sam through the years that we’ve been together. 

I wanted photos that showed our personalities and our love (blegh, this is getting too soppy) so I went with the four photos you see above.

Magic Memories are actually a US-based photography service but they ship globally including here in the UK & Ireland. The uploading of photos and assembling them onto the canvas is very simple. There’s a choice of sizes to pick from, including the layout and sizing of each photo on the canvas. You can select the photos either from your own computer files or from your social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

CoupleSam and NatalieI was slightly worried that the quality of my photos may be a little poor and therefore would appear very grainy on the canvas but when it arrived, I was surprised by just how well they came out. Even the black and white one was perfect and this was taken on an old phone.

The price was pretty reasonable at £69.15 but I don’t think that included the cost of shipping. I do love the thought of having photos all over our house because they tell a story, showing fragments of your life both old and new that you can cherish and have more sentimental value than most things in your life.

What do you think of this canvas collage? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this canvas print in return for an honest review. All words are my own.