LoveMeBeauty | PMD Kiss

No this isn’t a device that’s going to turn your lips into a giant trout pout similar to the Kylie Jenner lip challenge that some absolute idiots on the Internet thought would be a good idea to do. Human beings never cease to amaze me.

Introducing the PMD Kiss, a lip plumping device that provides an instant result that lasts for hours and with daily use, boosts collagen and creates longer lasting results. Now as far as beauty tools of this nature go, I could see this being super gimmicky.

PMD Kiss

The PMD costs a staggering £125.00 and I got this as part of my LoveMeBeauty subscription and it cost a total of 25 credits. Baring in mind that you get 60 credits for £10. WTF?! There’s bargains and then there’s well…this.

The device comes with the ‘smart lip pumping serum‘ which is basically what gives you that tingling sensation and contributes to plumping your lips in order to get that instant effect.

PMD Kiss Lip Serum

So I actually read the instructions for this device because hey, I don’t want to just go right in and potentially cause damage to these luscious lips! You need to charge the device for a couple of hours before using it and once ready, apply the serum to dry, clean lips.

One thing I need to mention is that this isn’t a quiet device, it’s pretty loud so don’t go doing it late at night or waking your other half up in the morning – they will not be impressed. The sound of the device is quite terrifying, so at first I was very hesitant to bring it to my lips. However, I was surprised by the suction power which was strong but didn’t cause any pain at all.

Lips before treatment
Lips after treatment

Going back to the serum, I’d much prefer it if it were a more liquid based one. This was more like a soft paste which didn’t sit very well on my lips. The device has two speeds, one quick and one that’s more drawn out to provide a more intense suction. The suction itself is actually vacuum technology which makes sense because it does feel like you’ve placed a mini vacuum on your lips. From the photos above, you can see a slight difference to my lips, perhaps a little redness around the area (which is normal). 

I think over time, this could definitely provide some longer lasting results and it’s actually quite therapeutic to use on a daily basis. I’m certainly going to start using it before I know I’ll be applying lipstick as I do see it making a difference to the plumpness of my lips.

Lip Suction

PMD Kiss Device

It’s quite a pricey device and probably a little too overpriced in my opinion. However, if you’re someone who enjoys caring for your lips and wants to attempt to get fuller lips without the surgery or needles, then this is the best device to use.

What do you think of the PMD Kiss? Let me know in the comments below.