Things To Pack For A Long-Haul Flight | Morocco

I can’t believe it’s nearly here. It seems like only yesterday that we booked the holiday but that was over a month or so ago. Myself and Sam are going on our first proper couples holiday which is actually long-haul. Our first one together was in Rome, where did all the sight-seeing of the Spanish Steps, The Colosseum and The Pantheon to name but a few.

Holiday Suitcase

Morocco wasn’t a place we were immediately looking at initially, as we had our sights set on Greece. However, when some gorgeous luxury hotels came up in Agadir and Marrakesh, we were quickly swayed and booked ourselves into the Hotel Riu Palace Tikida Agadir.


Packing for a holiday in the Winter can be very disorientating. I’ve had the UK Summer but now I’m about to jet off for some Moroccan sun, in the middle of Autumn! Staying healthy is also something I like to ensure doesn’t happen before, during or after a holiday. It’s so easy to catch a winter bug after coming back from a very hot climate, so I’ve catered my packing for this.


The Basics


Passports – Obvs.

Our Tripp his & hers suitcases

Malibu Sun Tan Lotions (SPF 50, 30, 20 and 15) – No red lobsters here! 

Nivea Sun Protect (SPF 30)

Aloe Vera Aftersun

Contact lenses (and extras in case any get lost)

My big ass glasses from Specsavers

Various phone chargers and adaptors

The Bruzzoni Toothbrush in matte black

In my basics, the Aloe Vera Aftersun is the best way of calming down my skin in heat that it’s definitely not used to! Aloe Vera is a naturally used for treating minor burns and sunburns traditionally so this will certainly avoid my internal temperature suffering.

Sun Tan Lotion




Comfortable clothes for travelling

Denim Skirts & Shorts

This sexy-as ASOS zip bathing suit

A high-waisted Bikini to fully bask in the sun’s rays

A selection of dresses

A recently bought floral jumpsuit with plunge neckline from Misguided

A selection of sandals, heels and flip flops


Clothing is so important when it comes to packing for your holiday. I’m choosing to wear comfortable clothing during my travel there and back and this includes wearing the right clothing. Yes, I’m thinking about the hot climate whilst I’m in Morocco but my return flight gets me back in the UK for 3am. IT’S GONNA BE FREEZING. So I’ll be taking with me some warm tracksuit bottoms and a thinner shirt that covers my chest. If it were a winter holiday and I were coming back to the UK during the Summer,  I would do the opposite. I believe the main reason that I get the common cold is from the dramatic change in weather so I’d probably be most at risk if I wore some skimpy kimono whilst waiting for our Uber in the cold.




Sam’s Peter Werth Wash Bag – that I now want for myself

A big floppy hat to make me feel like a celeb jetting off

ASG White & Gold Watch
A handful of jewellery I’ll probably never wear

Wash bag




Beach Towels

Skinny Dip Pineapple Suitcase Tag – ain’t nobody taking my luggage

British Cash for airport and exchanging – Agadir has a closed currency #socool

This luxurious silk slip eye mask for in-flight snoozing

Two books I’ll read within a week – because I’m a book worm

Neck Pillows for in-flight comfort

My new Xava 5-in-1 Curling Wand

Good ol’ straighteners

Various haircare products including some heat protection spray
First Aid Kit


Ever since gaining my First Aider qualification, I’ve been extra careful of avoiding hazards, especially when most of them happen at home. That’s why I’m taking with me a few basics from a First Aid Kit to use in case of emergency. Things like plasters and burn gel will be great for sore blisters we may get and for any extreme cases of sunburn that Sam is likely to endure. I’m also going to take with me some rehydration sachets which will be great for keeping my hydration levels up. I’ve been used to drinking 2 litres of water a day at work, so I don’t want this to affect me whilst I’m on my holidays.


Your Legal Friend is a great place to find information on how to keep healthy at all stages of your holiday. They’ve actually put together a handy holiday kit which tells you all about what to take with you, what to look out for whilst your on your holidays and how to keep yourself feeling good on your way back.


What do you pack on a long-haul flight? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Your Legal Friend. All words are my own.