Makeup Revolution Blush Palette | Limited Edition

You may have seen my last post on Makeup Revolution’s Revoholic Lip Palette that I received as a freebie from Superdrug. Well, I also got this blush palette too! Both these palettes were limited edition so I don’t think either of them are available now. However, these may be existing blushes already in their range so make sure you check.

Makeup Revolution Blush and Lip PalettesOK, so let’s all take a moment to just mourn the fact that one of my blushes in this palette, disintegrated before I managed to take a picture of it. There’s nothing worse than planning to blog a product and then for it to break or fall apart. See below for heartbreaking image. Be warned, it’s pretty upsetting.

Blush PaletteRight, we’re over it now. Moving onto swatching these blushes, they too like the lip palette didn’t have names so I just numbered them because I couldn’t be bothered to give them names at the time of writing this. There are 8 shades in this palette (minus 1 that’s the RIP shade) and all of them have a shimmer to them and beautifully textured imprints on the top.

Blush Swatches


Doesn’t show up as well in the picture above but this is an orange toned blush, it would look gorgeous on someone with warm toned skin or when you’ve got tanned skin from your holidays.



A slightly lighter toned pink, this blush to me is the typical colour you think of when you think about blushes. Again, as they are all glitter based, this one has a gorgeous shimmer to it but nothing too in your face.



A very deep pink shade and one that’s probably just a little too dark for my skin tone. I’m going to have a go at lightly building it up on my skin but I think it might just be a bit too much. It’s a gorgeous colour though and would be the perfect shade as a lipstick. In fact, it does remind me of a Rimmel lipstick I have which has the same shimmery finish.



This is probably the most blinding of blushes in the palette and one that’s bordering on being a highlighter. It’s very glittery because of the light pink used which allows the shimmer to pop more. Possibly my favourite of the set, I can definitely see myself wearing this a lot.



Another one similar to another shade, this one is a little darker than #1 but seems to have that touch more of a darker tone. It’s also one that’s got less shimmer so would be a lot more subtle than the others. 



This is possibly the exact same pigment colour used in #3 but is actually a little lighter. It’s got lots of shimmer but isn’t too extreme as #4. I could definitely see this as more of a highlighter than a blush.



This is a pink tone that I probably worse as a blusher when I was playing with makeup as a child. It’s extremely pink and isn’t as glittery the rest of the shades. I could definitely see this paying off better on a darker skin tone but I’d just end up looking like a clown.

The formula is quite chalky and looking at the ingredients, the main component is talc. Personally, I prefer using more creamy blushes because when I think of chalk, I think of it just sitting on the top of my skin and lasting no more than a couple of hours. The pigment in the shades is gorgeous but I think the fact that they are all shimmer based blushes doesn’t really give me much choice. I do love however that there are two shimmer blushes in here, #4 and #6 that I could use again as a highlighter. I think the only shade that I could probably see myself wear as an actual blush would be #1 and #2.

What do you think of this Makeup Revolution palette? Let me know in the comments below.


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