My Highlighter Collection

I’m happy to say that my highlighter collection is steadily growing and although it may still be small, I’m starting to notice the quality and what works for my skin. And although I haven’t dipped my fingers into the high-end, luxury highlighters market yet, I’m already finding some extremely pigmented ones on the high street. 

Highlighter CollectionSo without further ado, let’s take a look at the collection I currently have.


Lottie London Shimmer Squad Palette – RRP £9.95

Lottie London Highlighter PaletteThis one is actually my most recent highlighter purchase. After seeing another blogger’s swatches, the next time I walked into Superdrug, I couldn’t help but chuck it in my basket. With four warmed toned highlighters totaling £9.95, this was certainly a steal in my eyes. The pigment is there with all of the shades and I just love how warm toned they all are.


Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights  – RRP £3.00

Makeup Revolution HighlighterThis one has to be one of the best budget highlighters going, especially when it comes in at just £3.00. With an imprint that kind of looks like a vagina, this is a fairly chalky formula but is nothing like the Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette you’ll see at lower down the post. That being said though, it does feel slightly creamy at the same time. The shade is pretty much identical to the Sleek’s palette shade Sub solar but it’s probably a slightly warmer colour. I really do love this one and find myself reaching for it most days. Definitely worth the money and more! 


MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder – Pink Shimmer – RRP £3.00

MUA HighlighterAnother budget bargain (that doesn’t look like a vagina) is this subtle pink shimmer that would be perfect for those who don’t like too much glow but is still noticeable. It’s sort of a mid-way point. It has a creamy but chalk consistency and the price for this one is criminal – for us I mean, what a bargain! This is one of the first highlighters that I bought and I’m glad it’s taking pride of place in my collection.


Sleek Summer Solstice Palette – RRP £9.99

Sleek Highlighter PaletteI cannot recommend this palette enough. It’s my favourite palette of all of the ones in my collection and it’s just so damn SHINY! When it comes to highlighters, I want to glow and this palette does just that. Every time I use it, I find myself expressing an excited look as if I’m applying it for the very first time. 

The shades are Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox. Ecliptic is the only cream formula of the four and is quite a sheer deep-toned pink and is perfect for the eyebrow bone (just underneath your eyebrow for those who don’t know). Hemisphere is a candy floss pink shimmer and looks great over the cheekbones to create a more flushed look. Subsolar is the subtle golden shade that has yellow undertones, great for the cupid’s bow and nose. And finally, my favourite, Equinox is a bronze, pink toned shade that would love beautiful on tanned skin or for those with olive-toned skin.


Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighters Palette – RRP £8.00

Makeup Revolution Highlighter TrioThis is the absolute worst. I mean, I was expecting so much but all I got from this was a chalky sheer mess. The first time I swirled my finger into the pan, I was shocked and disappointed by how chalky it looked. It looks much better when swatched but then I applied this to my cheekbones and it just catches the very fine hairs on my face, leaving hardly anything on the skin.

They don’t have names for these shades either which is just lazy and it’s a shame because if they just made the formula more creamy and the pigment more intense, these would be perfect. From left to right you have a cool white gold shade, a soft pink in the middle and a rusty bronze on the end. I’m also perplexed as to why this has so many positive reviews on Superdrug. Madness!

Highlighter SwatchesFrom left to right – Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox, Cool Gold, Soft Pink, Rusty Bronze, The Good Girl, The Flirt, The Troublemaker, The Queen Bee, Golden Lights, Pink Shimmer

What is your favourite highlighter? Let me know in the comments below.


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