The 80s Crop Top | New Look

I’m all for effortless fashion and what I mean by that is picking an outfit that’s not complex but still looks trendy. My fashion journey is pretty much like my makeup one, very haphazard and messy. Most of my wardrobe is New Look which is probably my favourite high street store. I’ve gone from wearing clothing too big for me to clothing that’s been too tight or does not suit my shape at all.

Crop Top and skirtI’d like to say that I’m slowly getting there with finding my own style that I feel comfortable in. I recently did a big clear out of my wardrobe which was great because I realised that I was hoarding away clothes that I didn’t actually like or hadn’t worn in over a year.

Out with the old and in with the new is a great motto to live by and one I’m going to try and stick to in terms of fashion. I want to be on trend but I don’t necessarily want to follow it. I want to make my own choices and if that means buying something that’s fashionable now that’s fine but then I might pair that with something I found in a vintage shop that’s from the 80s.¬†

Which brings me to this little number I got from New Look at the end of the Summer holidays. It reminds me of the 80s t-shirts my dad had hoarded himself for so long probably 5-6 years ago now. We finally chucked them out of his wardrobe but who knew that right now, these psychedelic prints are coming back into fashion. I mean, go figure. #sozdad 

Close up of crop topIt’s a simple crop top with short sleeves and a round neckline. It’s a thinner material so more suited for the Summer but this would also go well with some black skinny jeans, perhaps a leather jacket and a pair of heels to glam it up for an evening out in October.

This was actually on sale so it’s probably no longer available to buy on New Look. However, there are so many of these printed designs transferring over to Autumn and Winter fashion to perhaps comfort those of us who long for the Summer sun.

Crop Top close upCrop top and skirtWhat do you think of this pattern? Is it your cup of tea? Let me know in the comments below.